A new concept from Al Pizarro that will include the collaboration of different companies working together on 1 project. This will be a first for Hip Hop Blvd and the selected companies that have agreed to work together. Each company on its own has the ability and contacts that they currently use for their own endeavors. Al Pizarro vision is that with all of us working as one unit the client can achieve greater success and cover more areas. We have listed below the names of the individuals and companies they are associated with or that they own.

Current Project 

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Red Vegus



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STEVE RICHARDSON – Owner WSME  Enlightenment Radio Bridgeport CT. Steve former record pool director and Former radio Mixshow DJ. Has already a great track record in breaking music in the CT region. Now Internet Radio Station owner.

I.A.S. LIVE MUSIC REVIEWS – This is a online live streaming show that reviews music from around the globe. (digital platform) Artist get live feed back in realtime.  They also have a Video show which includes Music, Interviews and offline Video hosting at various location. On Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Instagram, Facebook, Apple and Youtube.

JEFFREY BOYDKnown to everyone as Big Jeff. His relationship within the Hip Hop Culture is beyond credible. His relationship is genuine in a 40 year span that surpasses many agents. Because of this Big Jeff has cornered a market where no one thought of.

Renee Mickens aka "Royal 

 the CEO"  is the CEO of  “Royal Hustler Company.” Royal Hustler Company is an entertainment proprietor which is comprised of the following services:  event planning, networking and hosting for the urban classy habitués, marketing/promotions and public relations services. 


Royal currently serves as CEO of Royal Hustler Promotions, Director of Hip Hop Blvd Awards, booking agent for The Violators Unlimited Radio and Journalist for Get This Wisdom magazine housed in The Schomburg Library. 


Royal is a licensed 

Insurance Broker in NY, NJ, PA and Texas.

RALPHY CBS MUNOZ – CBS Sounds from the LES(Lower East Side) Manhattan Ralphy has been A Class DJ for most of his adult life. Showcasing many different events in Manhattan. His community involvement in LES is continuous from food distribution to MC’s Battles. He provides sound besides DJ if needed his background in the music industry goes as far back with Vito Bruno.

EDDIE RIVERA – Now appointed street team coordinator for Hip Hop Blvd will also be involved with this team. Eddie Rivera worked along with former partner R.I.P. MC Chuck Freeze with their company Rebirth Nation. You can see Eddie all over the area as his promotes for independent artist


Contact information


Al Pizarro - Ceo / Founder

Bronx New, York