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Spanish Hip Hop 


In the ‘70’s MC TNT created Spanish rap as a young boy who moved to the South Bronx from Santurce, PR. Hector Lavoe was a friend of my dads. He put me on to music by letting me play the clave in his band. At 9 years old I was rhyming in Spanish in front of Melly Mel and he told me to keep doing my thing, that he had never heard anyone rhyme in Spanish before. I would rhyme in Spanish all over the streets of the Bronx. I was given a Zulu Chapter. Chapter 2 Division 1 was made specially for me. Pow Wow from the Soul Sonic Force was a part of that chapter as well. I met DJ Louie Lou and he invited me to a jam at El Chevere Nightclub on Jerome and 167th Street. I performed and he was the DJ. 

Into the 80’s I continued to make cassette tapes of me rhyming in Spanish and English. I used to hang out with the 240 crew in the jams that we used to have on the side of the building. I battled Gizmo, Fat Joe, Dynamite T and T La Rock just to name a few. I met DJ Chubby Chubs and he became my DJ. We performed in street jams all over the BX. I’d bump into people like The Treacherous Three, Force MC’s, DJ Flash and Mean Gene from the L Brothers. 

In the 90’s I had my own studio. I met Pun in Forest Projects through Tomb The Sick One. I took him to my studio in the projects on 174th Street and recorded him for the first time. I also worked with Ray D who was producing some of my tracks. The Mic Is Mine, Let The Rhyme Flow and No Kind Of Sense are just some of the songs we did. Those songs got me working with DJ Charlie Chase from The Cold Crush Brothers who had a label named Koala Records which was in the same building as Sleeping Bag Records in Manhattan. During this time I also met an artist by the name of Candela. We made a few songs together such as Por La Esquina, Llorará and La Vida De La Calle just to name a few.

I did a song with DJ Louie Lou around this time titled Cógelo Compi. I met a group called Latin Empire. We began to perform in numerous places such as The Museum of Natural History; we had a global warming exhibit. We also performed in several colleges such as City College and Princeton University. In doing so this landed us a book deal titled From Bomba to Hip Hop.

In 2000 I had a label called Loose Change Pirates with Wah from Ruff Ryders. He gave me all the equipment from The Lox’s first album. I engineered, produced did artist development for many people. I worked with The Fiend from No Limit, Head Ice from Smack, Broadway, Fever and the Gorgeous Gangster from Harlem just to name a few. Presently I have a clothing called MC TNT. I also a song out on all streaming platforms titled Can’t F*** With This. Me and Candela have a song out right now called Llorará (a remake to our original one) under the VOLA (voice of Latin America) album. I am currently working on my next project. I was just recognized as the creator of Spanish rap in PR by one the pioneers named Piro. He has his own podcast titled Piro a La Naturaleza.


Spanish Hip Hop 





Our fearless frontman, The Hiphop Jibarito Sound Carta (short for Soundboy Cartagena), brings his personal spanglish-style rap straight from NY (Brooklyn , Queens & the Bronx) -- "from the hood of all hoods; straight off the grimiest block". Raised in a family rooted in the salsa tradition, he is a product of his culture and his environment.


From a young age, he always beat boxed and rap and was given the nickname Soundboy. 


    Sound's true vision was to do a bigger project. Something that strayed from all the commercial production that so much hip hop and pop music is made from. He wanted a real hip hop orchestra -- a Salsa Orchestra with some of the best musicians to collaborate and begin creating a new wave of real music.


 Soundboy Cartagena


David Sánchez Badillo, known professionally as Tempo, is a Puerto Rican rapper and songwriter. He was the leading figure in the reggaeton scene from the late 1990s until his arrest in 2002. He was released in 2013 after spending 11 years in prison.Wikipedia

Born: 1977 (age 45 years), Ponce, Puerto Rico

Parents: María Milagros Badillo

Record labels: Sony BMG Music EntertainmentEl Cartel Records

Children: Kyana SánchezNicole Sánchez

Nominations: Lo Nuestro Award for Remix of the YearLatin Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video