SPANISH HIP HOP - Since the Hip Hop Culture is combined of all races and religions, there is no uniformed or permanent type of Hip Hop music. It is comprised of many different languages.

This section is about the Latin industry explosion of Hip Hop, such as Reggaeton, Dembo, Spanish Rap. This music has taken such a leap in various countries like Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Spain, Mexico and more. Our director for the Spanish Hip Hop is no stranger to this genre of music. Candela has been a Spanish Hip Hop artist for many years and continues to perform at various festivals and concerts. Including the Puerto Rican day parade one of the largest attended parades in the US with over 3.5 million people in attendance. Please enjoy the information provided on this page as we expose you to Spanish Hip Hop.

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" The Voice Of Latin America"

Spanish Hip Hop 



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Spanish Hip Hop 


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Spanish Hip Hop 

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