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Focusing on the younger generation of the Hispanic artists DJ’s and MC's. Exposing their talents to the world as they use Hip Hop in their language.

We want to make sure everyone is heard and their achievements mentioned.

Everyone deserves a chance.

Lazaris The Top Don

Real Name.- Lazaro Rafael Martinez


Artist Name - Lazaris The Top Don 


The nature of Lazaris The Top Don isn't just to climb the ladder of success until reaching the top. His inclination is to "uplift" others, as he climbs himself. In other words, putting others 'on' who are as hungry and as ambitious to rise in their artistic professions and help guide them. Also, to blaze a trail for them to follow, as many of Lazaris mentors and influences had done for him.

He is currently released  his new Album titled 

Svccess In My Path Vol 1.  Which Had Bill Board success the singles on the project include swerve, Cross fire , Street famous & Trappin it up feat moneyboy banxxs has had multiple spins online, DTF Radio, U Stream Hot 97,  Stream,  Sirius XM Shade 45 , Wazzup Latino , 96.5 Tampa radio , radiopushers as well and Texas Radio and multiple clubs all over the New York city


Lazaris can freestyle right off the head to any beat or acapella, a wolf coming up around heavy weight “spitters”.  Lazaris is used to the heat & make song, hooks and catchy lines right on the spot.  His third single titled “Cross Fire”, is a street anthem warm up record for The South Bronx.


Lazaris is signed  with  Lord Sear & Da Inphamaus amadeuz At Shade 45 sirius xm to igetaem records & the leader ID the super rap group called the Army 


While lazaris has own label called top don empire and publishing as well 


His manager is universal queen Nena aka Nena monge 


Lazaris still seeks recognition with more break through hits. He seeks to prove Hip Hop isn’t dead by bringing Hip Hop back to its original birth place, The Bronx. As the Top Don Of The Bronx & A Legend in New York he’s coming for the crown. Lazaris is also currently being spun overseas by Dj Tekwun He is  on the Boom Bap 2023 Tour. 


For all booking info

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When it comes to flow, Ricky Bats has earned the respect of his fans and peers alike. The hardships he has encountered in his past life have helped mold him into who he is today.


The rising Hip Hop star; Ricky Bats is a sensational rapper and songwriter who was born and raised in the South Bronx area of New York City. He creates powerful music that genuinely connects to listeners mainly due to his dedication, conviction, and commitment, which can be heard in every song he releases with pure beats in the studio and a personality that truly shines on him.


After being inspired by the older kids rapping in his neighborhood, Ricky bats with the help of his brother, Bang wrote his first rap at the age of 13. During his teenage years, Bats was incarcerated and he spent most of the next two decades in prison based on his involvement in the selling of drugs. While locked up, he recorded his first mixtape “Bars Behind Bars: True Story No Gimmicks” where he talked exclusively about his real-life experience in the hood. Irrespective of the things he has been through, Bats has proven to his fans how unstoppable and committed he is to making his music.


In November 2014, he released the mixtape “Bronx Born Prison Raised Vol. 1” and Less than 3 months after coming back home, he released his second mixtape “Bronx Born Prison Raised Vol. 2”. Despite coming from a rough background, his past self has helped reshape him into a new man, one who is unbreakable, unmovable in what he does. A version of himself that was created within his music.


In April 2016, Bats was released from parole and dropped his first EP titled, “Freedom” and then embarked on his first nationwide tour, named the “Freedom Tour”. During the six-week tour, he traveled from New York to California with his team spreading his music all over the world and gaining new fans. The “Freedom” EP showcases fire such as “On My Block” featuring Maino and “Gossip Girls” featuring Dyce Payne. After his Nationwide tour, He then coordinated and released the Gotham City Boys’ first mixtape titled “Rise Of A City”, which was released in February 2017.


A month later, in March 2017, Bats dropped the first single off his currently unreleased first album “My Crew Hungry”. The single “My Crew Hungry” featuring “Uncle Murda” is an anthem that has gotten extensive airplay on both Shade45 and Massachusetts WBRK Star 101.7fm. The song’s music video is currently playing on BET and Music Choice. In that same March 2017, Bats attended and performed at the renowned SXSW Festival in Austin, TX with collaborations, such as Maino, Sheek Louch, Tony Sunshine, Mysonne, Hell Rell, and Uncle Murda, and Cory Gunz. Ricky Bats along with his Gotham City Boys movement is widely recognized as one of the hardest working and fastest rising indie artists coming out of the Bronx.


In 2021, Ricky Bats teamed up with Fredro Starr from legendary rap group ONYX Where he recorded several notable records produced by the legend himself such as Every Day with Hard Luck, Good Lovin’ with Scrip Scott and most recently Lickin’ Off In Hip Hop with Da Inphamus Amadeus, which was then released under the 100 MAD imprint.


Since coming back home, Ricky Bats has recorded hundreds of songs between Quad Studios in NYC, Stupid Genius Studio in MA, DBlock Studio in Yonkers, and his home studio. He has several videos that are aired on Video City TV, Video Music Box, BET Jams, MTV, VH1, Music Choice, RevoltTV “The Gate ” and many also posted on World Star Hip Hop.


Being validated in his rap game, his prowess in the rap department can be heard through his newest single “Lickin’ Off In Hip Hop”. His music is most times influenced by his real-life experiences but his style is always evolving so his catalog is extremely diverse. Currently, his music has been played in venues ranging from strip clubs to weddings. All of the Bats’ videos and music can be found on his official website:  Besides his website, you can also find his mixtapes and singles on Soundcloud, DatPiff, Audiomack, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and his videos on his YouTube channel.


Check out his latest single “Lickin’ Off In Hip Hop” on YouTube:


Here, his sounds are laced in smooth grooves, with the bass line that brings cool to the music that lets it all flow through. For this funky sound, you get vocal performances full of flavor in the singing and rapping to deliver the writing to the fullest, which highlights its ability to relate to the listener in a major way to keep us coming back for more. Be sure to follow Ricky Bats on all social media platforms as he’s got some amazing things coming his way. Also, look out for his upcoming album “Visions Of A Prospect”

In addition to his music career, Ricky Bats hosts a radio show “Ride Ya Groove” on WBRK in Massachusetts, and currently, he maintains his independent record label Gotham City Music Group Inc. He has also acted in small onscreen roles including “About That Life” and the Showtime series “Escape at Dannemora”.


King Lyrical

​   Queens-born, Manhattan-made musical artist King Lyrical is letting listeners know exactly what his moniker means. Inspired and influenced by hip-hop heavyweights and icons like LL Cool J, King Lyrical looks to leading lyricists of all eras to infuse into his distinctly developed sound.    Bringing it back to the beginning, King Lyrical fell in love with music at the tender age of nine. Continually honing his craft, the thriving talent stepped into the spotlight by the age of 15 to pursue his passion of music, professionally. Made for music, King Lyrical is backed by a musical background as his family is made up of musicians. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, his mother was a rapper while his uncle Mark was her DJ. Additionally, his father played bass guitar in a band called And Love 2 in the ‘70s and ‘80s, alongside his uncle as drummer, their cousin as keyboardist, and several family members as singers, including his aunt Princess.    The embedded emcee seeks his source of inspiration from within. With an unmatched musical ear fueled by his musical family, King Lyrical leads the industry with laced lyricism for the sake of love for the craft and culture rather than a paycheck. Maintaining musical momentum, aside from hip-hop and rap, King Lyrical has dabbled in other genres such as neo-soul, R&B, jazz, pop, and others. In doing so, his musical explorations have set him apart, establishing him to becoming a force to be reckoned with within the industry. In addition to allowing him to be honored by the United States Marine Corp for Music Excellence & Children’s Influence as an artistic achievement!     As a music powerhouse, the striving star serves several talents and markets from film, media, artist management, engineering, graphic design, hosting, curating events and promoting, digital distribution amongst many more. Moving the musical masses with every release, King Lyrical showcases his skillset on his sizzling singles while honing and helping the next generation through his knowledge so that they can succeed as well! Most recently, the rising rhymer returned with the release of his hot new hit, “Pop It” featuring his artist, LaurenJaay. Although his debut drop was a mixtape under his former brand, “MC L.O.U.D” titled I Am Me Vol.1, the project has since been removed. As a result, he highlights his climbing career with the raved release of his artists’ album which arrived under his record label, King’s Paradise Records in which he appears on as well. Nonetheless, King Lyrical is locked in on all aspects when it comes to the artistry.    For now, get familiar with this trailblazing talent and get ready to experience King Lyrical at his absolute best! Keep you hearts, ears, and eyes peeled for his forthcoming release, Mr. Lane EP, alongside a plethora of other projects!

Blu Diaz bio

Blu Diaz A producer/beat maker from nyc

First started making beats since 2013 with a drum machine called boss 670

and the Mpc 2000 XL Blu Diaz runs his own production beat

company called blu vishen productions He produced a couple of songs for artist in the underground industry such as worldarama ,Lazaris the top don, the king lyrical, Dos sinatra and others as well He's also an artist himself and has an albumon the way called "life is a beautiful thing" All beats produced by him for blu vishen

productions he's also a promoter as well Works with a team called respect da grind And does radio as well called high rise radio with king lyrical blu Diaz is one of nyc hottest underground producers with a thing called modern boom bap with a mix of samples 808 sounds and many more Unique sounds and he samples from jazz,pop r&b , disco ,classic soul, rock to

anything that sounds great.


Blu Diaz


Gzelle C is a 14 year old 

Mexican-American Independent artist, entertainer, host hailing from Las Vegas. From a young age Gzelle C developed a passion for music and entertainment normally performing for family and friends. Her natural talent and charismatic personality quickly caught the attention of those around her and she began pursuing her career in the industry. 


As an independent artist Gzelle C has been working tirelessly to establish herself in the industry. With her unique sound blends of latin, pop, R&b, hip hop is creating a sound that is both fresh and captivating.In addition to her music, Gzelle C has also established herself as a talented host. Regularly hosting events and shows in the Las Vegas area. 


Despite her young age, Gzelle C has already has accomplished a great deal in her young career. Performing in various events and shows. Showcasing her incredible talent and potential as an artist. Her hard work and dedication have earned her praise and recognition in the industry. And she continues to push boundaries and explore new opportunities in her career. 


With her infectious energy, undeniable talent and passion for music and entertainment. Gzelle C is force to be reckoned with in the industry. As she continues to grow and evolve as an artist. She is sure to make a long lasting impact on the music and entertainment world.


Gzelle C

A rising Puerto Rican-American artist from Brooklyn New York Singer rapper songwriter Hidden Julez started young as her passion for music was held back. Up until her adult years she was hiding her talent due to a lack of confidence with no help. Julez is very proud of her independent career as she says she invested so much money time and energy into it. She gain so much more control as she realized this is what she really wanted. Her name came from being hidden for so long but now her goal is for a Grammy! She was inspired by the deceased rapper Biggie Smalls, and that’s where she gained her lyricism from. Hidden Julez was always a quiet child at home and at school so her now being exposed to the music industry is a shock to who that knows her. Her social media growth resin, as she began doing showcases back to back. She won't stop or give up! She will keep making music so the world can see who she really is! Julez With Another One!


Hidden Julez




 “Hey y’all! I go by the name of Flufgod. I’m a Colombian femcee from NJ.. born in Queens NY but raised in Bayonne/Jersey city! I’ve been rapping ever since I can remember.. started off as poetry and quickly evolved! I’m also very proud of my hispanic heritage and the colorful flavors we bring to the culture! My major influences are Jadakiss, Big L, Biggie Smalls, J. Cole, and Max B just to name a few. The main focal points of my music are women empowerment, self love, and self expression! I want women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and nationalities to know that we can do anything! Same goes out to my strong fellas holding it down! We will not be silenced! I’m bringing you that old school punch line rap, with some new school energy to match. Stay tuned for my new project dropping in June called “Not What You Think” !! JERSEY STAND UP!”

Born and raise in San Juan PR, Jesus J. Mendez (Jay M) develop a knack for music, listening at that time to figures like Do Omar, Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel and Arcangel between others. At the age of 19, he moved to Chicago Il in pursue of a better life and oportunities for himself. In the Windy City he ran into problems with the justice system and without any guidance and no one by his side he end up falling through the system cracks and spending some years in prison.


At a point of his life he thought his life was ruined and there was no turning back. But His view of life turned around at the age of 28, when he saw his older brother performing in a freestyle video in Facebook. That was an inspiration for Jesus which start to write his own lyrics. Motivated he upload his first freestyle video to Facebook tittled” Vengo subiendo” which generated a lot of attention . (1). Life has not been easy for this artist but through dedication and perseverance, Jesus goals are to make a contribution to Spanish urban freestyle music and express himself through his lyrics.


Instagram - @jay_eme1.50



 He is a Venezuelan singer, producer and composer born in Barquisimeto in 1991.

 From a very young age, he showed a great passion for music and began to develop his skills.

 as a singer and songwriter.


 He is currently working on some songs full of a special message to win a

 good position on the world stage


 In addition to his musical career, N A U has also excelled as a producer, working on the

 production of songs for other Venezuelan artists.  He has also been recognized by

 his work as a composer, creating lyrics that address themes such as love, passion and life



 In short, N A U is a multifaceted and talented artist who is working hard

 to earn an important place on the world music scene.  The cool style of him and his ability

 to combine different genres make it a benchmark for urban music in the world.


 instagram nau ex




Dionne M Sanchez, AKA Dionni 6X was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and came to the United States when she was 17 years old . She graduated as an early student in Brentwood high school.


Dionni6x always had a passion for music, which is one of her biggest inspiration.

Her love came from Redimi2 a Christian Rapper whose music has influenced her to want to pursue a music career at the tender age of 7,since then she became a fan of many different music genres.


A lover of the arts, she loves to create music , writing her own lyrics to a mean beat and working with different artists.  She also loves to design clothing and comes up with different concepts that make her stand out from other artist.



Gabriel Perez (born on November 21, 1989), known artistically as Algarri The 1, is a Puerto Rican song writer and Latin/Reggaeton/rap artist from Chicago. He was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico and was raised in the small town of Corozal. At the age of 10 years old he moved to Chicago with his parents and his two sisters. Coming from a background of family members that liked to play instruments like the guiro, timbales, cuatro, congas, and so much more, he became interested in music at a young age. He learned how to play all those instruments while growing up. At the age of 12, he started singing and making music with his cousin Gleen Ortiz. As the years went by, he and his older brother Carmelo and his cousins created a reggaeton group called “Los Perdios”. He started with the name ”Pucho el Invencible”. While he was a part of this group, he was able to get the experience of performing for the first time in front of about 1000 people at the Chicago Puerto Rican Festival in Humboldt Park. Then in the year 2010 his group “Los Perdios” were able to perform in front of thousands of people at an event called “Bandera Bandera” in Humboldt Park. 

Then in 2011 “Pucho El Invencible” was featured in a song for the movie “Go for it” starring Gina Rodriguez and Aimee Garcia. The song was called “"Baila Loca". 

As the years passed by “Pucho El Invencible” and the group had about 30 performances at local clubs and venues all around Chicago and Aurora. One of the performances they did was opening for reggaeton artist De La Ghetto, in Tampa, Florida for the Puerto Rican Festival.    

After this, Gabriel Perez decided to take a break from music to focus on college. 

But in 2021, after posting videos of him improvising on TikTok, a lot of his previous fans kept telling him to come back. So, he decided to come back with a better artist name that suited him, “Algarii The 1”. He started working on music again and has gotten great feedback. His first song called, “Throw it back” featuring R3MY GOTTABLAST, has gotten so much positive feedback and it is out right now on his YouTube page “Algarii_the1”. His newest single “Bomper” is out now and a challenge has been started on TikTok with the hashtag #algariichallenge. 

On January 21, 2022, Algarii had his first performance at Stereo Nightclub on Diversey Avenue in Chicago, at an event called Pura Lumbre. This event was hosted by DJ Infamous. This event was a contest of local Chicago artists. Algarii was handpicked by the judges that night as one of the best performers that had the most fans attend. Ever since Algarii has been working really hard to get more music out. 


On January 26, 2022 he had an interview with Urban Grind Tv Latino. It was a great experience. Shortly after he sponsored a new Tequila called "EL NACIMIENTO", in a TikTok Video with TikTok sensation Lady Curls. 


May 30, 2022 he attended a Peace March against Gun Violence that was held by a 15-year-old teenager named Imani Correa. He supported her movement and attended this march that was held for all the mothers of Chicago that lost a child due to Gun Violence. 


July 23, 2022 he was interviewed by Rico on his Rico No Suave Show. 


September 3, 2022 he performed with his dancers in front of 100s of people in the "Bandera Bandera" Puertorican Festival in Chicago. He invited R3MY GOTTABLAST to perform his hit " Throw it back".


November 15-17, 2022 Algarii and his dancers attended the Latin Music Week in Honor of the Latin Grammys. While there he was able to perform two times at the Hard Rock Cafe in the strip of Las Vegas. He was also invited to perform at a Tv show called PRESENTE Diversidad en la Música Latina on Roku TV for the RYM Network. He did so many interviews while in Las Vegas. 


On December 10, 2022, Algarii opened up for comedian puppet Joselito. 


All of 2023 Algarii has been very busy performing for local bars and clubs all around Chicago. 


On February 18, 2023 Algarii had the honor of opening the concert for Lunay at the Forge in Joliet ! This was an amazing experience. 


Lady Pun


Instagram @OfficialLadyPun Twitter @OfficialLadyPun #YOUTUBE.COM/LADYPunSOUNDCLOUD.COM/LADY-D-347

.... born as Destiny Brito on July 27, 1989, is a Bilingual  recording artist and songwriter. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY she grew up listening to hip hop salsa and freestyle music in the early 90s surrounded by her Puerto Rican heritage in Bushwick.

Lady D began writing poetry at the age of 9 along with playing Percussion. and turned to song writing at the age of 13 after a life changing car accident. Nearly losing her life and being told she May never walk again  songwriting kept her sane as she was bed bound for 8 months in 2003. She began recording her songs on tape recorders in between school and physical therapy .

At the age of 14 she was back on bothlegs playing sports  and recording on different devices in her closets After becoming a mother at the age of 20 she knew she had a purpose in life and chose to make her passion her profession and began recording professionally and released her first project #CASSETTEDREAMS on SoundCloud in 2013. 

Having lived all over the east coast growing up she grew a love for other genres of music such as jazz country and reggaeton. Lady has been recording professionally since 2011 in studios such as boom studios with dj white rock who has worked with tony touch fat joe and many more as well as pipeline studios  who's credentials date back to jarule first album fast and the furious soundtracks . . FightKlubstudios Cardi B producers Evan Laray , DJ creme La mega who mixed an amazing song with reaggeton artist D ozi . 

Recently Heatmakers with Fred the Godson who passed in 2020 due to covid  Ft on the Newest Single #Loyalty available on all platforms .  a trap Latino vibe with an artist named Teddy Boy In Spain let project open doors she is able to acces today and has released her 4th projectEP ( ADIOS) she IS ALSO KNOWN FOR HER CONFIDENCE!.  Being a plus size powerful Latina  emcee   who did NOT Promote a sexual image gained her a lot of respect from them male artist and supporters in the industry. But recently making a life changing decision with gastric bypass and loosing 160 pounds has gained or more respect from those who may have over looked her prior .  Beating the odds even after learning in life Her first mix tape titled CASSETTE DREAMS was released March of 2014 on as well as  #yafavphatfemcee  hosted by dj abrupt. Lady D has been featured on a pleathria of  radios stations world wide a few movies on Amazon prime and Netflix  spinning both English and Spanish songs  and evenwinning multiple  Popular trending rap  competitions becoming social media HYPE with interaction with major artist on the English and Spanish side of music  we idolize  she’s works with and the life she works hard for   giving her the respect and new name  Lady Pun!  To follow her career follow her on your favorite social networks! #LADYPUN  #SupportisFree


Huchela The Voice.jpeg

Huchela De la cruz, Im twenty one years old and Im an pop/ Latina R&B singer. I go by Huchela the voice because my voice is what makes me unique besides my name. I’ve been singing since I was four years old and been singing ever since. I recently dropped an EP it’s called unspoken patterns and it tells a story about a young gurl who has mixed emotions.

Huchela The Voice.jpeg



Amanda Maziell

Amanda Maziell Cuevas also known as "Amanda La Que Manda" is a Cuban-American singer-songwriter based in New Jersey. Her exceptional music is typically a blend of reggaeton and some other genre like pop, dancehall, dembow and so on. Her fluency in both English and Spanish languages allows her to drift between the two, creating unpredictable turns and involving a much larger audience.

Amanda Maziell started by performing at different events in 2018 and soon began posting covers on Instagram, both of which were really important achievements as her shy nature made it difficult to stand in front of an audience. Then in 2021 she put out her own music, leaving university to pursue her number one passion with more determination. And with such role models like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira to look up to, Amanda is set to leave her own mark in the industry.

Having mastered her art, Amanda is planning to continue mixing various genres and styles, coming up with fascinating, dynamic songs that give her listeners the sense of freedom and power. Her popular songs include “Un Ganter” featuring El Cherry Scom, “Apeñucao” featuring Tali Goya, "3AM" with Debby Veloz, and “Incontrolable". Amanda already has hundreds of thousands of views and plays as well as an intrigued audience that cannot wait to hear more of her beautiful music.

Malo 100

Fernando David Correa, widely known by his stage name MALO 100, is a rising artist, entrepreneur, and public figure. He is from Queens, NYC and has lived throughout various sections in the Queens area, such as Jackson Heights, Corona, Forest Hills, and Jamaica Ave. MALO 100 has a strong Hispanic background, with his mother having roots from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and his father from Guayaquil, Ecuador. 


MALO 100 was destined to be a rapper since very young, especially after hearing 50 Cent’s song (“In The Club”) at 9 years old, and having a different sense of appreciation for music. Eventually, music became a huge part of his life, to the point where MALO 100 even asked his father to take him to Big L’s mural in Harlem around 10 years old just to pay homage. As a kid, MALO 100 even saved up money around his 8th birthday to purchase two CD’s; “The Eminem Show” by Eminem and “Livin’ Legend” by B.G.


Witnessing some of the grittiest situations occasionally fuels the fire in his music, such as finding out his close friend was stabbed to death by his own baby mother, to recently finding out another friend was sentenced to six years of federal time for supposed weapons. With both of these friends MALO 100 started taking rap serious, and occasionally you will hear them mentioned in MALO 100’s songs simply out of utmost respect. They are also popular Latino artists (Anthony Patria & GB Tribuvelli). 


Currently boasting hundreds of thousands of streams via Apple Music, and more than 10K followers on Instagram, it is safe to say that MALO 100 is making his mark in the musical industry. He has quickly amassed a cult following called “MALO Gang”, and some of his followers are so dedicated that they’ve gone to the extremes of tattooing his rapper logo or his real name! 


His current project is a 6 track EP released via every platform on January 2023, aptly named “Worldwide Devil”, which is a tribute to his favorite Spanish female artist Bad Gyal, and her throwback mixtape “Worldwide Angel”. Although, the latter is more towards pop/dancehall, MALO 100 brings a diverse range of sound in his EP.


Ranging from trigger-happy, chain-smoking verses on the groovy (“I Don’t Mind”), to endlessly catchy drill bars on (“Sweet Dreams”), it is safe to say MALO 100 is familiarizing the rap game with his promising voice, as well as the NYC streets he came from!


Be sure to follow MALO 100 on Instagram (@MALO100NYC) for all exclusive live updates, including upcoming collaborations, interviews, and more timeless music

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