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FASHION– Since Hip Hop started there was always a style a difference in the way people in the culture dress. It was unique and before you knew it Hip Hop was in the fashion industry. The clothes were being worn in all the music video at showcases and sold everywhere from the trunk of a car to the very show artist performed at. This section will focus on new comers and the status quo. First of course I have to mention that Hip Hop Blvd has their one line first coming out the gate with out snapbacks and coming soon the warm up suits. Our manufacturer for the hats has been in the hat game for a minute. WEARYOURBLOACK is an expression of being proud of the neighborhood where you came from. His hats are his signature David Estrella CEO & owner of WEARYOURBLOCK is a young and fast growing hat company that is now expanding to jackets and T-Shirts also. Watch out for the rising star in the fashion industry not on the runways but in the streets.