June 2, 2020

As the days go by we are confronted with coronavirus and racism. Hip Hop continues to show its face in the only way we know how. Papoose just release a video reflecting the tragedies and injustice regarding racism. 


In another more postive story Swiss Beatz is building on the narrative that Hip Hop Blvd has been preaching for the past 2 years. Hip Hop pioneers should be financially compensated for their contributions to Hip Hop. As Swiss Beatz talks about a foundation or some sort of platform to give back to pioneers.  Thank GOD someone has been listening. We will keep you posted as this story unfolds. 


The production of Hip Hop Blvd gear is back in full swing. Please keep in mind there's a lot bootleggers out their but only 1 original Hip Hop Blvd. Dont buy a counterfeit buy the real deal. 


Al Pizarro 

June 1, 2020

Hip Hop artists are standing up and voicing their opinions the only way they know how. Big props to Nick Cannon with the release of his video about the George Floyd murder. Adding to the cause  LL Cool J drops a bomb with his video expressing his thoughts about this racially infused murder. 

Now let’s look at the political side, 50 CENT (rap mogul turned movie star and director) points to Gov. CUOMO as he states he should be the next President of these United States. 


Al Pizarro 

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Hip Hop Blvd's Founder, Al Pizarro, sits down with Host Rhina Valentin to discuss his Hip Hop platform and the overall mission to preserve and educate the public about the positive aspects of Hip Hop. Clip from Bronx-net

 Panel discussion about gun violence 

With all the school shootings that have occurred all over the country, it was a group of Hip Hop Pioneers and taste makers that came to call out Bridgeport CT’s Mayor Joseph P. Ganim and Senator Richard Blumenthal to talk about gun violence and recognizing Black History Month. Kingsley Osei, hosted guests like Video Music Box Ralph McDaniels, Dr "YO MTV RAPS” Dre, DJ Red Alert, Coke La Roc, DJ Rockwell KevieKev, Al Pizarro, Kool Kyle Starchild, DJ Grandwizard Theodore, Terry Nelson, Rick Milian, Kimba Reynolds, Tyrone Fly Ty Williams, Tony Tone and many more. The day consisted of a panel discussion about gun violence. All of the attendees were presented with a Citation of Merit for their contribution for Black History and Hip Hop. Special shout out to Van Silk who helped Kingsley with this project.

By: Hip Hop Blvd

LL COOL J Launched his Radio Station on Sirius XM Channel 'Rock The Bells'.


LL Cool J Launched his radio station on the Sirius XM Channel “Rock The Bells”; focusing on Classic Hip Hop. As LL Cool J takes a step to highlight a major point in the Hip Hop Culture he is getting support from many of Hip Hop's Pioneers. Great for LL and even greater news for all the pioneers that have been hanging on. Our own Tony Tone from the Cold Crush Brothers attended along with Snoop Dogg, Positive K and more. The event kicked off at World on Wheels in LA Hosted by LL himself and DJ Z-Trip That’s SiriusXM Channel 43 tune into ROCK THE BELLS RADIO.

By: Hip Hop Blvd

Employees of Spectrum went on strike because no new contract was signed by Spectrum. Spectrum now owned by Charter had denied all attempts to negotiate a fair contract. So by now you must be saying what does this have to do with Hip Hop?  Well these are some of the people that came to the aid to IBEW Local 3. Kurtis Blow, The Fu-Schnickens, Matt Davis aka DJ Half Pint, Most Hated Music Group CEO Superior, Sal Abbatiello(Fever Entertainment), MC Chuck Freeze(Jazzy Five), Jerry Fontanez from Fontanez Martial Arts and DJ Juneski Rivera from Da Livingroom To The Street video show. Even though this strike is a year old, its still going and it's not getting the news coverage it should. With over 1800 families on strike we are proud to acknowledge the participation of those mentioned. Hip Hop needs to support address and change injustice wherever it may be.

By: Hip Hop Blvd

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