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Tony Paris aka Tony Tee is a member of the Original Ultimate 3 MC's.

The group was established in 1978 in the East Bronx, New York area.

Members of the group are ( Saint Tee, Easy G & Tony Tee ).

The Ultimate 3 MC's and DJ Whiz Kid met while playing basketball on the courts

of the Parkside projects. They use to practice in DJ Whiz Kid's apartment

which was adjacent to the basketball courts. 

The group began performing at local house parties for friends & family.

The Ultimate 3 MC's was known for their rhyming and routine style.

When Saint Tee met Kool Herc through a family member, he ( Kool Herc )

began booking shows for the group at local clubs.


The group performed with DJ Whiz Kid, Legendary DJ Kool Herc

The Herculoids and other Hip Hop Pioneers. 

( Clark Kent, Bambaata, Soul Sonic Force, ColdCrush Brothers, 

  Jazzy Jay, Red Alert, Crash Crew, Cosmic Force MC's and many more )

Many of these Hip Hop Pioneers were early influences for the group.

The Ultimate 3 MC's performed at the T-Connection, Stardust ballroom,

Third Place and other local clubs in the Bronx. 

At this time, Hip Hop was strictly underground until artist began recording. 


During the growth of the Hip Hop Culture, The Ultimate 3 MC's disbanded in 1983.

The group never recorded any records, but Tony Tee became a solo artist.

He recorded 3 singles as a Solo Artist in the mid 1980's. 

His songs were heard on Red Alert and Chuck Chillout Radio Shows. 

Tony Tee also performed on the Def Jam 2 Tour in 1987 with Whodini,

Kool Moe Dee, Eric B & Rakim. 



Shaun Shiller Fequiere aka Kangol Kid

Shaun Shiller Fequiere aka Kangol Kid was a Rapper, MC, Vocalist, Writer, Entertainer, Musician, Philanthropist, Choreographer, Community Activist, Manager, Producer and Break Dancer.

Kangol Kid was born in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York and his parents are originally from Haiti. His dad was a Taxi driver and his mom worked as an aide in the local Hospital. While attending Catholic School, Kangol was forced to wear a uniform everyday. When it was time for him to attend High School, he begged his mom to send him to a Public School, so he can dress in normal clothing. So his Mom let


Mc Sparky D


Sparky, born Doreen Broadnax, is an MC, writer, performer and Soloist.

She grew up in Brooklyn, New York and first recorded with the Brooklyn crew “The Playgirls” who were on Sutra records.  She was the first female battle rapper on wax against Roxanne Shant’e and was the first rapper who had an endorsement deal and the deal was with Mountain Dew.

In 1984, Sparky appeared in a cameo on Spyder D’s “Placin the Beat” on Profile Records.

Her first solo effort was “Sparky’s Turn (Roxanne You’re Through)” on NIA records which was produced Spyder D. This was one of the first answer records in the infamous “Roxanne Wars” of the mid-80′s, and the first one to be aimed squarely at Roxanne Shante.

In 1985, she had a showdown with Roxanne Shante which included tracks called “The Battle” (against her old crew The Playgirls, produced by Spyder D) which appeared in 3 mixes, and “Roxanne’s Revenge”.  

Also in 1985, she cut a track called “He’s My DJ” b/w “She’s So Def” with Kool DJ Red Alert.

In 1987 she released “Throwdown” and “Sparky’s Back” both produced by Spyder D for B-Boy Records.  

Sparky also released an album on B-Boy in 1988 which was called “Sparky D’s world” 

in the UK but titled “This is Sparky D’s World” in the US.  In 1991 she made an appearance alongside Grandmaster Caz on Malcolm McClaren and the World Famous Supreme Team Show’s album on the record “Opera House.” 

Having lived a life of many changes in 2007 she found herself back at the top again to 

receiving the 2007 Gospel Choice Awards, for the song “This is for the church.”

In February 2008 Sparky appeared on Stir it Up, a TV show hosted by Vonnie Battles, 

shown on JCTV, the worlds largest religious television network.

Sparky D is one of the Pioneers for female MC’s in Hip Hop.

Written by Tony Tee aka Tony Paris



John Fletcher aka Ecstasy was a Rapper, MC, producer, writer and artist. He was a member of the Hip Hop group Whodini 

(John “Ecstasy” Fletcher, Jalil Hutchins and Drew “GrandMaster Dee” Carter. 

Ecstasy grew up in Brooklyn with his twin brother….in the Wyckoff Gardens Projects in Boerum Hill. He met Jalil in Gowan’s Projects and they quickly became friends.

2PAC Amaru Shakur

It's easy

Tupac Amaru Shakur aka 2PAC aka Lesane Parish Crooks aka Makaveli was born June 16, 1971 in East Harlem, New York City.He was a Rapper, Poet, Activist, Producer and Actor …. considered the most influential rapper of all time. His Mother Afeni Shakur and his father were members of the Black Panther Party. Afeni named him Tupac Amaru after the last Incan ruler (A Revolutionary), who was executed in 1781 after revolt against Spanish Rule.




The Sequence is a female Hip Hop group from Columbia, South Carolina. 

The group consist of Cheryl Cook aka Cheryl the Pearl, Gwendolyn Chisolm aka Bloody, and Angie Stone aka Angie B. 

The three female MC/Rappers are former Cheerleaders and High School friends.


The Trio was noticed by Sylvia Robinson at a SugarHill Gang concert backstage in 1979. After being the second group on sugar hill records, they were the first female group on SugarHill records. Their first Single was “Funk you Up”, Sold 500,000 copies and went gold in three weeks.

Their other releases were “Funky Sound”, “Monster Jam”, “The Sequence” and “The Sequence party” The Sequence has toured and worked with many legendary music Artist like The O’Jays and Gap Band.The Sequence first single has been used by Dr. Dre, En Vogue and Erika Badu. 


Cheryl Cook wrote songs for the SugarHill Gang like “8th Wonder” and “Apache”.

She also wrote “Let’s Dance and “Break Dance” for the West Street Mob. Many of her works have been sampled by Busta Rhymes, Master P and Missy Elliot. 

Gwendolyn Chisolm released “What u doin Here” and worked many years as a road manager and personal assistant for other artist. She has a non-profit organization “Education through talented Students” which helps kids with their careers in entertainment.

Angie Stone became an R&B artist and joined the group Vertical Hold, which released the single “Seems you’re much too busy”.

The group produced two albums, “A matter of time” in 1993 and “Head First” in 1995.

In 1996, Angie teamed up with “Devox” and recorded one album “Devox featuring Angie Stone”.

She received writers credit on D’Angelo’s first two albums “Brown Sugar” in 1995 and “VooDoo” in 2000. She toured with D.Angelo and sang background for cousin Lenny Kravitz’s fifth album.  Angie became a solo artist and released her first album “Black Diamond” in 1999 on Arista Records. One of her hit singles on the Album was “No more Rain in this Cloud”.

The Sequence was the first female group to record and sign to SugarHill Records. 

Written by Tony Tee aka Tony Paris

Toi Jackson
Sweet Tee

Sweet Tee (born Toi Jackson) from Queens, NY, is truly one of the pioneer Female emcee’s in the hip community. 

She started her career with the recording “One for the Treble” with known Producer/DJ Davy DMX. 

It Wasn’t long after Sweet Tee met producer Herby “Luv Bug” Azor, 

who is also credited for producing Salt N Pepa, Kid'N Play, Dana Dane and Kwame.

She joined the Idol Makers camp and began working with Herby in the studio to record her first solo song “Its My Beat”. 

That song becomes a worldwide hit, which landed her a deal with Profile Records. 

After the success of that single, Sweet Tee followed up with the second single “I Got the Feel”/“Its like that Y'all.” 

I got the Feeling" became a popular song for radio and the club scene and started gaining major notoriety. 

Due to the fan base and the success of the single, Sweet Tee went back in the studio and recorder her album “it’s Tee Time” and released the first single off of the album “on the Smooth Tip.” 

Once the studio work was done, Sweet Tee started touring and didn’t stop until well into the 90’s. 

A video was also released for “why did it Have to Be Me” another single off the “It’s Tee Time” 

Album which featured Cherese Rose from the group “Changing Faces.” 

In the mid 90’s Sweet Tee’s “I got the feeling” was remixed by production group Tin-Tin out in London “the Feeling” 

and the song hit the top of the pop charts.

Success for Sweet Tee didn’t stop there, in the late 90’s JMJ Records a subsidiary of Def Jam Recordings 

signed Sweet Tee aka Suga and the first release “What’s up Star” was on the soundtrack to the move “the Show.” 

Sweet Tee then hit the road with Onyx, Erick Sermon, Wu Tang Clan, Redman and Method Man for a promotional tour for the soundtrack. 

Among some of the bigger venue events she preformed at Apollo Theatre and Soul Train was two that always stuck out as some of her most memorable shows.

Sweet Tee has received write-ups and full page pictures in Word Up magazine, Rap Masters, Vibe Magazine, 

The Source as well as many other online reviews and blog sites.

Queen Latifah also wrote about how Sweet Tee inspired her in her book “Ladies First”.

Sweet Tee is a true Pioneer of the Hip Hop Culture. 

Written by Tony Tee aka Tony Paris


Bashar Barakah Jackson aka Pop Smoke

 Artist, Writer, Producer and Entrepreneur