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Tony Paris aka Tony Tee is a member of the Original Ultimate 3 MC's.

The group was established in 1978 in the East Bronx, New York area.

Members of the group are (Saint Tee, Easy G & Tony Tee).

In 1973, Tony Tee learned how to rhyme by a childhood friend (Lil Pop) in Harlem.

Lil Pop gave Tony Tee his first rhyme that he copied from Ali & LoveBug Starski.

“I’m the T.O.N.Y. the T.E.E., float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”

When Tony Tee moved to the Bronx in 1976, he joined with the Adee Brothers.

Tony Tee lived on the corner of Cruger avenue and Adee Avenue. 

In 1978, he left the Adee Brothers and joined The Ultimate 3 MC’s.

The Ultimate 3 MC's and DJ Whiz Kid met while playing basketball on the courts

of the Parkside projects. The group would play basketball for a few hours a day 

at 41 park, Magenta park or Parkside park, then practice at DJ Whiz Kid's apartment 

which was adjacent to the basketball courts. The group also hung out at the Pizza shop

on Burke avenue, which is still there today. DJ Whiz Kid (Harold) was an up and coming DJ

with lightning speed and the ability to scratch any break beat record. 

When the group began performing, it was mainly at local house parties for friends & family.

The leader of the group Saint Tee, he met Kool Herc through a family member, he (Kool Herc)

began booking shows for the group at local clubs. Flyers of some of their parties can be found

on Cornell University Hip Hop collection, Hip Hop Museum and google search. 

Tapes of the group can be found on youtube at

(Ultimate 3 MC’s, DJ Whiz Kid at T-Connection 1980)


They were a young Hip Hop group ranging from age 14-16. 

During this time Tony Tee attended Brandeis High School and shared classes with

LA Sunshine (Treacherous Three) and Tito (Fearless Four). He played freshman

basketball with Bobby Jones (RIP) and Greg Ice from Harlem. 

Easy G (Guy) attended Evander Childs High School and Saint Tee (Greg) attended Truman High School.

During the Summer months, Tony Tee worked at Harlem World in Harlem on 116th street and Lenox avenue.

The Harlem World Crew (DJ Randy, Son of Sam & Charlie Rock) use to let Tony Tee rock the mic 

when they threw block parties in the Harlem communities. 


The Ultimate 3 MC’s performed with DJ Whiz Kid, Legendary DJ Kool Herc,

The Herculords and other Hip Hop Pioneers. 

(Clark Kent, Bambaataa, Soul Sonic Force, ColdCrush Brothers, 

Jazzy Jay, Red Alert, Crash Crew, Cosmic Force MC's and many more)

Many of these Hip Hop Pioneers were early influences for the group.

The Ultimate 3 MC's performed at the T-Connection, Stardust ballroom,

Third Place and other local clubs in the Bronx. 

The Ultimate 3 MC's was known for their rhyming and routine style.

At this time, Hip Hop was strictly underground before artist began recording. 


During the growth of the Hip Hop Culture, The Ultimate 3 MC's disbanded in 1983.

The group never recorded any records, but Tony Tee became a solo artist.

He recorded 3 singles as a Solo Artist in the mid 1980's with DJ Watkins.

Their songs were heard on Red Alert and Chuck Chillout Radio Shows. 

Tony Tee also performed on the Def Jam 2 Tour in 1987 with Whodini,

Kool Moe Dee, Eric B & Rakim. 

Written by Tony Tee aka Tony Paris


DJ Watkins & MC Tony Tee

DJ Watkins & MC Tony Tee aka Keith Watkins and Tony Paris, they are a Hip Hop group from Brooklyn, East New York.Tony Tee is a MC, Writer, Pro trainer/Coach, Film Director and Artist. DJ Watkins is a DJ, Producer, Manager and Community activist. DJ Watkins grew up in Cypress Hills Projects, in Brooklyn on Sutter avenue. He attended Franklin K. Lane High School. In 1972, he began making beats when his parents brought him a drum set. The following year he began deejaying after buying two turntables and a mixer.He formed his own group called Watkins and the Crew, which included some of the local DJ’s and MC’s in Brooklyn, East New York.MC Tony Tee grew up in Harlem & The Bronx. He attended Brandeis High School in 1977. During this time LA Sunshine (Treacherous 3)& Devastating Tito (Fearless Four) also attended. Tony Tee began as an MC with the Original Ultimate 3 mc’s in the Bronx.He performed at the T-Connection with DJ Whiz Kid, DJ Clark Kent, DJ Kool Herc, Bam, SoulSonic Force and many more.When Tony Tee moved to Brooklyn, East New York with his sister. He joined DJ Watkins & the Crew. The group comprised of 8 MC’s and 2 DJ’s. During this time, DJ Watkins was the best DJ in Brooklyn, East New York and he had a huge following. When MC Tony Tee brought the Bronx style of MCing to Brooklyn, East New York and joined DJ Watkins and the Crew, they were the hottest group in Brooklyn, East New York. The story goes, DJ Watkins was jamming in the park while anotherrival group was jamming down the street. When the word got out that DJ Watkins was in the Park. Everyone at the rivals jamleft their party to go see DJ Watkins. A Hip Hop fan asked one of the DJ’s “Why did everybody leave”? the DJ said “That damnDJ Watkins playing in the Park and he got that dude Tony Tee from Uptown”!! That day, DJ Watkins and MC Tony Tee Jammed for twodays straight. During this time, everybody used electricity from the street light post. DJ Watkins got his electricity from a tenants apartment.  The group performed with Dougie Fresh and The Fearless Four at the Eclipse Roller Rink in the early 1980’s. The flyer for this event can be found in the Hip Hop Museum in The Bronx. DJ Watkins and Tony Tee also had a historic battle with DJ Duracell and T-Funk (Bad Boys)one of the classic battles in Brooklyn, East New York History. MC Tony Tee lived in Linden Plaza along with Jimmy Spicer (Super Rhymes) and DJ Watkins cousin Ol’ Dirty Bastard (Wu-Tang). DJ Watkins & Tony Tee threw many parties in the projects ofPink Houses, Cypress Hills and Linden Plaza. The Fat Boys, Whodini, ODB (Wu-Tang), Spinderella (Salt N Pepa) and MC Delight (StetsaSonic) would attend the jams. DJ Watkins help teach RZA (Wu-Tang) how to back spin (In Cypress Hills Projects) before the success of Wu-Tang. In 1985, DJ Watkins & MC Tony Tee recorded their first single on Brownsville Records “Jealousy Rap”. The single made the topten charts in Europe. Roy Sasho, who owned a record shop on Pitkin avenue, help produce the single.In 1987, DJ Watkins & MC Tony Tee produced their second and third singles “Watkins Gets Busy’ and “Show Me” on Equity Records. The songs were recorded at Fresh Gordon (Hip Hop Producer) studio in Bed-Stuy.The singles were played on Red Alert and Chuck Chillout Radio Shows. The group was managed by Ed Strickland, who had a role in the groups success. Their talent agent was Kara Lewis from General Talent International. During this time, Fresh Gordon also produced Jaz-O, Jay-Z, Salt N Pepa, Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Father MC, Whodini and the Fat Boys. DJ Watkins & MC Tony Tee was an opening act on the Def Jam 2 Tour with Whodini, Kool Moe Dee, Eric B. & Rakim. During this time, MC Tony Tee was playing basketball for Manhattan Community College for the boys team, while Queen Latifah played center for the girls team. DJ Watkins also played basketball. Currently, DJ Watkins is the Director of “No Kids Left Behind” and Administrative Staff at I.S. 218. MC Tony Tee became a professional basketball Trainer/Coach and an Award winning Film Director for NBC/Comcast. The group is currently celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop with the Hip Hop Anniversary - Brooklyn Style Events.DJ Watkins and MC Tony Tee are Brooklyn Hip Hop Legends and Pioneers of Hip Hop. The group is an inspiration to many others who became Hip Hop Artist.

Written by Tony Tee (Ultimate 3/DJ Watkins) aka Tony Paris

Crash Crew aka Force of the 5 MC’s is a Hip Hop group from Harlem, New York. Members of the group are DJ Daryll C (RIP), G-Man, La Shubee, Barry B-Stro, EK Mike C and Reggie Reg from Lincoln Projects. They are all writers, producers, performers, singers,artist and entertainers. The group performed live shows in Harlem and The Bronx with dope rhymes, amazing routines and masterful cuts. They can be seen on flyers as far back as 1977 with some of the founding fathers and pioneers of Hip Hop. They were one of the first MC’s/Rappers to sing on records. The group was established in 1977 and produced their first single “High Powered Rap” on Mike and Dave records in 1980. One of the features of the record was G-Man singing. Which captured the attention of fans all around the world. G-Man lyrics:“You walking down the street with your box in your hand, and your playing the music of the poison Clan” The Poison Clan was security from the neighborhood, who got their name from a karate movie “The 5 Deadly Venoms”.The Crash Crew and the Poison Clan were marveling the artistic craft of karate movies long before the Wu-Tang Clan. Mike and Dave were one of the first Hip Hop Moguls, long before Russell Simmons and P-Diddy. They produced and managed many groups like Rob Base, The Boogie Boys and Biz Markie, just to name a few. Also in 1980, the group signed with SugarHill records and released “We wanna Rock”, “Breaking Bells and “On the Radio”.Breaking Bells was a sample used from Bob James record “Madi Gras” which LL Cool J used in his single “Rock the Bells”.Over the years many artist have duplicated or sampled the enormous contributions of the Crash Crew and many of theiraccomplishments have gone over looked. I met G-Man in 1984 …. and by that time he was a house hold name. Crash Crew is one of the Greatest Hip Hop groups in the Culture of Hip Hop. Written by Tony Tee (Ultimate 3) aka Tony Paris

Will Smith

Willard Carroll Smith  aka Fresh Prince is an actor, rapper, writer, producer, director and a Legendary ICON.

He has won the Academy Award, British Academy film award and four Grammy’s. His movies has grossed

over 10 billion globally. Will became an actor on NBC sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-air”. Which was

loosely based on his life growing up in Philadelphia. Will grew up in West Philadelphia, which is one of the

toughest areas of Philadelphia. Will Smith attended Overbrook High School in West Philadelphia

along with other notable celebrities like Lady B, Wilt Chamberlain, Wali Jones and Lewis Lloyd. 

Will Smith became a multi-millionaire in a leading role in the film industry with movies like Bad Boys, Men in Black, 

Hitch, Muhammad Ali, Enemy of the State Suicide Squad and King Richard. He is considered one of the greatest

actors in his generation of all time. Will is the only rapper turn actor to become wealthy, successful and command

various roles with style and greatness. 


Before Will Smith acting career, he was a successful Hip Hop artist. He performed with his long time partner

DJ Jazzy Jeff. Together they recorded five studio albums. Many of his singles hit the billboard charts. “Parents just

don’t understand”, “A Nightmare on my street”, “Summertime”, “Ring my Bell” and “Boom! Shake the room”

were all great hits. He also released a few solo albums like “Big Willie Style”, “Millennium”, “Born to Reign”

and “Lost and found”. Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith met at a house party and formed chemistry together from the start.

They incorporated Ready Rock C as their Human Beatbox, which made them a trio. Word Records out of Philadelphia

released their first single “Girls ain’t nothing but trouble” after a number of record labels turned them down. The song 

became a hit and warranted the attention of Jive Records. Their first album was “Rock the House”, which was released 

on Word records and re-released on Jive records in 1987. The group received their first grammy award in 1989 for

“Parents just don’t understand”. Their most successful single was “Summertime”, which depicted the life style in

Philadelphia during the summer months. The single won them their second grammy and peaked at number 4 on the 

billboard charts. Will solo career began in 1997 with the release of “Men in Black”, which was the theme song for the

movie that he played the leading role. Will Smith is one of the most talented actor/rappers of all time. 

Written by Tony Tee (Ultimate 3) aka Tony Paris

Tony Paris


Jay-Z aka Shawn Carter is a rapper, entrepreneur, writer, vocalist, producer, recording artist, actor, celebrity and entertainer. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY …. he grew up in Marcy Projects and attended George Westinghouse High School.As a youth in the neighborhood, he partnered with his mentor and friend Jaz-O, who was recording at Fresh Gordon studioin Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. I met Jay-Z for the first time at Fresh Gordon Studio in 1986. Some of his friends in the neighborhoodcalled him little Jaz or Jazzy, since he was always hangout with Jaz-O. Jay-Z recorded several songs withJaz-O and he was great at different styles of rapping. During this time, Jay-Z was a quiet, laid back young man who hadgreat potential in the music industry. Some of the songs he recorded at Fresh Gordon’s studio were “Hawaiian Sophie”and “The Originators” with Jaz-O, which featured videos on Ralph McDaniels, Video Music Box Show. In 1995, he released his debut album “Reasonable Doubt” that branded some of his greatest hits of all time.“Aint no N-word like the one I got” was one of Jay-Z’s classic hits with Jaz-O singing the hook of the song.He released the Blueprint in 2001, The black album in 2003, American Gangster in 2007 and 4:44 in 2017.Jay-z has recorded and released over 12 studio albums. He has collaborations with many great artist,including his wife Beyounce when they recorded an album together “Everything is Love”. In 2019, Jay-Z became the first Billionaire of Hip Hop. He responsible for the careers of Kanye West, Beanie Segal, Memphis Bleek and other well known artist. Jay-Z also collaborated with Hip Hop great Biggie, when thetwo released “I love the Dough” and “Brooklyn’s Finest”.  He also made hits with Pharrell Williams like “Excuse me Miss”. Jay-Z has massed 4 number one hits, over 30 top ten hits and 105 top 100 songs on Billboard. He is the founder and chairman of Roc Nation and founder of Rocawear clothing line in 1999. In 2003,Jay-Z opened a chain of luxury sports bars named 40/40 club. One of the clubs is located in Atlantic City, NJ.In 2004 he became the president and chief executive officer of Def Jam recordings. He bought Aspiro tech companyand took over their media streaming service “Tidal”. Jay-z became a great business man as he bought cannibus productsand other investments to round out his portfolio. He is currently the wealthiest musical artist in the world with a net worth of 2.5 billion.Jay-Z has won 24 grammy awards and has sold over 240 million records worldwide. Jay-z holds the record for the most number onehit albums by a solo artist on Billboard 200. He is the recipient of the NAACP’s President award, Primetime Emmy award, Sports Emmy Award and nominated for a Tony Award. He was the first rapper honored on the songwriters hall of fame and the first solo living rapper to beinducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jay-Z is one of the Greatest Rappers of all time. 

Written by Tony Tee (Ultimate 3)  

Tony Paris


Just-Ice aka Gangsta of Hip Hop aka Justice is a MC, rapper, song writer, producer and vocalist. 

Around 1974, he was a DeeJay with Sound Masters and was heavily influenced by Kool Herc, Disco Mario and Bambaataa. 

Just-Ice began MCing around 1978 when his friend Glen taught him how to rhyme. He used the name Kid TeeO during this time.

He is also one of the first righteous brothers to ever bless the microphone. 

Through the Five Percent Nation, he studied the lessons of Gods and Earths.

In the 1980’s, he was a part time bouncer at Punk clubs….people feared him because he looked like Mike Tyson with a mean left hook.

Just-Ice was one of the first Gangster Rappers and the first known rapper to wear gold teeth. (He was way ahead of his time)

He grew up in The Bronx, New York (Castle Hill) around some of the Great Pioneers of Hip Hop.

Just-Ice first met KRS One and Scott La Rock at a homeless shelter where he use to live. Together they harness their rhyming skills.


In 1986, he released his first album “Back to the Old School”, which was released on Sleeping Bag records.

The album was produced by Kurtis Mantronix of the group Mantronix. 

One of his first singles off the album was “Going way back” with KRS One, which told a story of Hip Hop.

Also on the album was “The Original Gangster of Hip Hop” with DMX doing the beatbox.

He is a hard-core rapper with dope rhymes, dope stories and a powerful stage performance.

Just-Ice joined a list of story tellers with his Gold single “LaToya”….with a beatbox sound track. 

In 1987, he released “Kool and Deadly” which was produced by KRS One.

Also in 1987, I (Tony Tee) did a show with Just-Ice, KRS One, Audio Two, Skinny Boy, EPMD and Whistle.

When Just-Ice came on stage, he killed it with his energy, tough beats and hard delivery. 

On the way home, Just-Ice started telling jokes on the bus all the way back to New York City.

He had everybody on the bus laughing and screaming so loud, the bus driver got nervous and crashed the bus.

With no serious damage made to the bus, we all got back to New York City safely. 


Just-Ice third album was “The Desolute One”, which was released in 1989 and reached number 16 on the UK music charts.

He was also one of many artist on the “Self Destruction” hit single….geared toward stopping violence in urban communities.

In the 1990’s Just-Ice produced four more albums “Masterpiece”, “Gun Talk”, Kill the Rhythm” and VII.

Just-Ice is also a conscious brother, well versed in World History and Reggae culture. 

With a huge amount of talent, Just-Ice continues to be an innovator while creating new material.

In 2000’s, Just-Ice released 3 digital albums “Gangster Boogie”, “32 Degrees” and “The Just-Ice and KRS One” EP Vol.1.

He was signed to Fresh records, Savage records, BMG records, Warlock records and Sleeping Bag records. 

Since he’s one of the hardest working MC’s in the Hip Hop Culture, he’s currently working on his eleventh album.

Just-Ice is the Greatest HardCore Gangster MC of all time. 

Written by Tony Tee (Ultimate 3) aka Tony Paris


Coke La rock is the FIRST MC of Hip Hop. Coke is a writer, a Hustler, a Fly Guy, producer and innovator.

Born and raised in The Bronx. Coke la Rock was known as a flashy dresser from the streets.

He knew all of the hustler’s, number runners and who threw the best parties in the early 1970’s.

He became an original member of Kool Herc and the Herculords (First Family of Hip Hop) in 1973.

Coke La Rock and Kool Herc first met while attending Alfred E. Smith High School in the Bronx.  

While growing up with Kool Herc, Coke became the MC at the first Hip Hop Party at 1520 Sedgwick avenue.

Coke was great at hyping up a crowd, call & response, talking to the Ladies and reciting nursery rhymes.

Coke’s most famous rhyme is “Hotel, Motel, you don’t tell …. I won’t tell” which was copied in the record

“Rappers Delight” but Coke did not receive any royalties, copyrights or credit for his lyrics.

Coke would also yell out friends names that were in the house or building. He set the foundation for

Emcee’s that came after him like Mele Mel, Whipper Whip, Busy Bee, Dot A rock, Grand Master Caz and more….

Although he never made an album, Coke can be found emceeing on DJ Kay Slay “rolling 110 deep” mixtape.

In 2008, Coke made his first recording on a song called “Hello Merry Christmas Baby” which was released on Sedgwick 

& Cedar records. In 2010, Coke was inducted into the High Times Counterculture Hall of Fame at the Cannibus Cup in Amsterdam. 

Coke La Rock name was so inspiring, other artist in Hip Hop used similiar names like, T-La Rock and Scott La Rock. 

As one of the first members of the Herculords, Coke and Herc were like the Buck and the Preacher of Hip Hop.

Kool Herc and Coke La Rock threw thousands of parties all over the Bronx and Manhattan. Together they laid the ground

work for what Hip Hop is today. Coke La Rock, the greatest and first emcee of the Hip Hop Culture.

Written by Tony Tee (Ultimate 3) aka Tony Paris

Coke La Rock


Schoolly D

Jesse Weaver, Jr. aka Schoolly D is a Rapper, producer and writer from Philadelphia, Pa.

Schoolly grew up in West Philadelphia and attended Overbrook High School.

Philadelphian’s consider Schoolly D one of the first gangster’s of Rap in the mid 1980’s, before NWA.

Schoolly D joined DJ Code Money and the two artist created great music out of Philadelphia.

Schoolly D produced tracks for several motion pictures including “King of New York”.

Film Director Abel Ferrara used a few of schoolly D’s tracks like, P.S.K., Saturday Night, Am I black enough for you?,

and How a black man feels. In Philadelphia, Schoolly D is a Legend. He is one of the early artist of Hip Hop in

the Philadelphia area. Jesse was also a great story teller. He produced eleven studio albums.

The album “Saturday Night” was recorded in INS Studios in New York and released in 1986.

The album charted on billboard and the UK top Indie album charts. The initial released of Saturday Night

was released on Schoolly D’s record label “Schoolly D’s records. Before signing with Jive records. 

Jesse is also known for producing hard hip hop tracks to go along with his hard rap lyrics.

In the United Kingdom, the Saturday Night album was released on mute records and called “Rhythm King and charted 

on UK Indie charts for 10 weeks peaking at number 4. 

He also embraced an afrocentric culture style when KRS one was promoting black power. 

On his single “Saturday Night”, Schoolly depicted a story of a woman in met at a bar and took back home the same night. 

He referred to those nights as wild Saturday nights.


Lyrics: “wait momma wait its me your little son, before I knew it my Mom pulled a gun”.


The song glorified guns, hanging out and calling woman the B-word. 

Ice T credits Schoolly D for inspiring him to write “6 in the morning” and gives Schoolly D credit for representing

gangster rap in it’s early years. One of Schoolly’s greatest hits was P.S.K. which means Park Side Killers.


School’ Lyrics: “S” for the way you scream and shout, one by one I’m knocking em out”.

Schoolly D is a Legend and Pioneer in the Philadelphia Hip Hop culture.

Written by Tony Tee (Ultimate 3) aka Tony Paris


 Roxanne Shante 

Lolita Shanté Gooden aka Roxanne Shante, is a rapper, writer, mentor, producer from Queensbridge Projects in Queens, New York. 

She began rapping in the projects for money as a battle rapper against local rappers in the area.

After meeting Marley Marl, Tyrone Williams and Mr. Magic, she became a member of the Juice Crew.

In 1984, UTFO released Roxanne, Roxanne….which was a record about a woman name Roxanne that would not date a member of their group.

Roxanne Roxanne became an instant hit, but was originally the B side of Hanging Out, which was thought to be a hit.

After hearing the song on the radio, Shante’ can see an opportunity to become popular.

The single was number 42 on VH1’s 100 greatest songs of Hip Hop. 

During this time, Shante’ pretends to be Roxanne, while her and Marley Marl release Roxannes revenge. This is the beginning of Roxanne Wars.

Her single also became a hit and she made it seem like she was battling the group UTFO.

Other rappers began making other answer records like “The real Roxanne” by Adelaida Martinez. 


In 1985, Shante’ released a record with Sparky Dee, after Sparky Dee released a record dissing Shante’ for disrespecting UTFO.

Spin records released “Roxanne Shante’ vs Sparky Dee”, where the two female rappers dis each other in a freestyle rap.

Shante’ also battled and lost to Busy Bee Starski for the best freestyle rapper.

In 1986, KRS One released “The Bridge is over”, which was a diss to MC Shan’s hit “The Bridge”.

During this time The Juice Crew was in a Rap War with the Boogie Down Production Crew.

For a few years, there was an ongoing battle between the two Crews on the Radio. 

Shante’ was the only female rapper in the Juice Crew and attracted attention as a female rapper.

She was signed to ColdChillin Records and distributed by Reprise/Warner Brothers Records.

Hits like “Go on Girl” and “Have a nice day” solidified the rapper as a dope female rapper. 

Her singles became platinum and gold standards.

Shante’ released Bad Sister in 1989, The bitch is back in 1992 and her greatest hits in 1995.


In 2000’s, Shante’ became a mentor for your females and a spokes person for Diabetes.

She was awarded the “Incredible woman award from the National Black Council women’s group.

Shante’ also appeared in Beef I and Beef II CD’s and my mic sounds nice (The truth behind female rappers).

She serves on numerous boards like, Hip Hop association, Hip Hop Hall of Fame, Breast Cancer Society and Who I am program.

Shante also released her self proclaimed documentary “Roxanne, Roxanne” on Netflix. 

Written by Tony Tee aka Tony Paris




TRUGOY aka David Jude Jolicoeur aka Plug 2, aka Trugoy the Dove.

Dave was a Rapper, producer, lyricist, writer and artist.


He was an ICON in the well known group De La Soul. 

He was also a member of the Native Tongues posse, which included A Tribe Called Quest, Black Sheep, Queen Latifah

and the Jungle Brothers. He won a Grammy Award in 2006 for Best collaboration with vocals.

Trudgoy co-wrote the Gorrillaz song “Feel Good, Inc., which features Trugoy and De La Soul. 

Trugoy attended Amityville Memorial High School in Amityville, Long Island. He was born in Brooklyn by 

Haitian-American parents and later moved to East Massapequa, Long Island in his teen years.

Trugoy met the other members of his group in High School. Members include; Trugoy, Maseo and Posdnous.

Prince Paul became their producer after each of them explored solo careers. Once they united, they became

one of the most influential groups in Hip Hop history. In 1989 De la Soul released their debut album “3 feet high and rising”.

Trugoy collaborated with A Tribe called quest, Monie Love, Queen Latifah and the Jungle Brothers to produce “Buddy”.


Trugoy Lyrics;  “Hello, it’s the Soul….Troopin’ in wit the Jungle patrol and this one’s about the 

                           KO’s the knockouts who’s holding my buddy”. Hold up, wait a minute….


In 1993, De La Soul released their third album “Buhloone Mindstate” they collaborated with several artist for the album.

Like, Biz Markie, Gang Starr, Shortie no was, Kan Takagi and Maceo parker playing saxophone. 


De La Soul first single “Me, Myself and I” became a huge hit. Their album introduced the concept of the daisy age, which stand for

“Da, Inner, Sound, Y’all”. They were recognized as hippies of hip hop. Trugoy’s name comes from the word yogurt spelled

backwards. He chose the yogurt name because he likes eating yogurt….and Posdnuos is Sound Sop spelled backwards. 

De La Soul’s second album was released in 1991 and viewed as the top 100 albums in Hip Hop of all time. The album was much

more mature and featured a wealth of material that criticized the violence in Hip Hop. De La Soul released two more albums and

collaborated with Moe Def, Zhang, Common, Snoop Dogg, MF Doom, Ghostface Killah and Flavor Flav. De La Soul collaborated with 

Nike to produce two versions of the Nike Dunk sneaker for their skateboard division. 


They were nominated for best album at the 59th Grammy Awards. They won a grammy for their collaboration with gorillaz on

the hit single “Feel Good, Inc.” for best pop vocal collaboration. In 2023, Trugoy was expected to be present at the grammy’s but was unable to

attend due to health issues. A few days later he passed away. Hip Hop has lost one of its great talents and will be forever missed.

Trugoy was one of the most eccentric, soulful rappers in Hip Hop history. His lyrics and flow will always be remembered 

in the Hip Hop Culture.

Written by Tony Tee aka Tony Paris





Kirshnik Khari Ball aka Takeoff, was a Rapper, performer, writer, celebrity and entertainer. 

He was born and raised in Lawrencville, Ga. He composed music while in the seventh grade.

He attended Berkmar High School in Lilburn, Georgia. 

His younger brother is also a rapper by the name of “YRN Lingo”. His mother is a hair dresser

and has helped Takeoff with his signature dreads. Takeoff is a member of the rap group 

“MIGOS” along with his uncle Quavo and first cousin Offset. He began rapping in 2008, by 

2011 Takeoff and Migos released their first full-length project. A mixtape called “Juug Season” 

and in 2012 they released a mixtape titled “No Label”. 


Migo’s recorded “Versace” which peaked at Number 99 on Billboard.

The song was also remixed

by Drake and reached number 31 on the Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs Chart.

Migo’s debut album “Young Rich Nation” was released in 2015

and featured Chris Brown and Young Thug.

The album peaked at number 17 on the Billboard top 200 charts. 


Takeoff and Migo’s achieved their first number one single in 2016 with “Bad Boujee” featuring “Lil Uzi Vert”

and peaked on Billboard top 100. The single became certified four times platinum.

Migo’s studio album, “Culture” was released in 2017 and debuting at number one on Billboard charts.

The album sold 44k in a week and the album reached platinum certification in 2017.

Their follow up album “Culture II” was released in 2018 and debut at number one on billboard charts.

They sold 38K copies in the first week of it’s release. 


On November 1, 2022, Takeoff was shot and killed while playing dice alongside Quavo at a bowling alley in 

Houston, Texas. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Quavo was not injured.

Written by Tony Tee aka Tony Paris




 Young Dolph



Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., aka Young Dolph was a 

Rapper, writer, producer, performer,

artist and entrepreneur. 

Dolph was born in Chicago before moving to

Memphis and attended Hamilton High School. 

He has two brothers, two sisters and a cousin….rapper Juice Wrld. 


In 2016, he released his debut studio album “King of Memphis”,

which peaked at 49 on the Billboard charts. 

He was featured on O.T. Genasis hit single “Cut It”,

which peaked at number 35 on the Billboard charts.

In 2020, Dolph released his seventh album “Rich Slave”

and became his highest charting debut at number four.

Paper Route Campaign was Dolph first mixtape release in 2008.

By 2010 he started his own record label titled

“Paper Route Empire”. He released “Welcome to Dolph world“ that same year.

He also released High class street music, A time to kill, Blue Magic, East Atlanta Memphis,

Trappin out a Mansion and American Gangster.

Young Dolph has collaborated with artist like Gucci Mane, Young Scooter, T.I., Slim Thug, JadaKiss and Rick Ross.

In 2017, he collaborated and signed his cousin “Key Glock” to his independent record label. By 2019, they released

“Dum and Dummer” album that peaked at number eight on the billboard charts. Young Dolph was one of the most

talented artist of his generation. He had a conscious mind for business and self employment. Young Dolph once

turned down a $22 Million deal, so he can maintain control and freedom of his talent. Young Dolph help put

Memphis on the map in respect to rapping. He is well known in respected in the music industry.


In 2021, Young Dolph was fatally shot while picking up cookies to deliver to his mother.

On the corner of Dunn avenue and airways boulevard in Memphis, the street was renamed after Young Dolph.

Written by Tony Tee aka Tony Paris

DJ Hollywood .jpeg


DJ Hollywood aka Anthony Holloway is a MC, DJ, Artist, writer, singer and producer.

He was born and raised in Harlem, New York. Where he admired the Hustlers and the Pimps that ran the streets. 

At an early age, he made money running errands for some of the neighborhood hustlers. 

After leaving home he became a dancer, he was good at the “Bus Stop” and “Hustle”. (Line dancing)

He was nicknamed Hollywood because of his dramatics while dancing. He began admiring DJ W.T. and

the way he talked over records. Hollywood started playing records at after hour spots where the hustlers hung out.

He started imitating DJ W.T. by saying little things during the break of some records. Like “Say, yeah”. 

Isaac Hayes single “Good Love” was a heavy influence for Hollywood. He would imitate Isaac Hayes on occasions. 

The women loved the way Hollywood could sing lyrics from an artist on a different track.

In the early 1970’s Hollywood was selling mixtapes on 8 tracks, of his singing and DJ sets. 

Hollywood was a mixtape King before there was a mixtape. He was Drake and T-Pain before Drake and T-Pain.


In 1975, Hollywood was part of a revolution of music, He entertained well dressed adults with suits and dresses.

While Kool Herc, Bambaataa and Grand Master Flash were entertaining the young hard core crowds in sneakers and jeans.

DJ Hollywood was making $500 a night at clubs while most DJ’s only collected $100 per night. 

He was one of the first DJ/MC’s in the early stages of Hip Hop….and he help influence other DJ/MC’s. 

Eddie Cheba and Lovebug Starski were also DJ/MC’s during the early years. DJ Hollywood was frequently

seen in Disco clubs in lower manhattan with an adult crowd of party goers. He would team up with Lovebug

Starski and Casanova Fly aka GrandMaster Caz at various clubs and they would MC, Rap and sing over

Disco tracks. DJ Hollywood was great at interacting with the crowd with call and response. He had a radio

style voice and his rhymes would flow over well known tracks. DJ Hollywood grew up listening to early influencers

of rhyming like Oscar Brown, Pigmeat Markham, The Last Poets, The Watts Poets and Dolemite.

DJ Hollywood would sometimes recite nursery rhymes during his routine and many other MC’s imitated his style. 


DJ Hollywood was the first DJ/MC to perform at the Apollo. As a fan of Frankie Crocker (A radio DJ on WBLS),

he would listen to Frankie and the way he rode the track while playing music. DJ Hollywood began

rhyming for longer periods of time to “Love is the Message” by MFSB. Prior to this, he was resiting short rhymes

consisting of two to four bars. In 1980, DJ Hollywood released his first single “Shock, Shock the House” on CBS records.

For a long time, DJ Hollywood was one of the best DJ’s in New York. Every club in the City was trying to book DJ Hollywood.

Lines of people would circle the block just to get in the clubs DJ Hollywood was playing. 

Currently, DJ Hollywood is still performing DJing and MCing at clubs, Jams, block parties and other events. 

DJ Hollywood is One of the Best DJ/MC’s of all time.

Written by Tony Tee aka Tony Paris


Sisco Kid aka Richard Sisco was a MC/Rapper, Musician, Grafitti Artist, Actor, Writer, Flyer Creator and Entertainer.

He was born and raised in The South Bronx, New York. 

While attending Laguardia High School for music and arts, he began playing the Saxophone. 

Sisco was the first MC to wear the Zorro hats (Sombrero) on stage. 

If you see some of the old pictures of Hip Hop, you’ll find DJ Kool Herc and DJ Tony Tone wearing the same hats.

Sisco Kid began as a Graffiti Artist, before creating flyers for Kool Herc and other Promoters.

He started as a Dee Jay with the Super Sonic 4 MC’s and then he became an MC..

As one of the rare Solo Artist, Sisco Kid would MC for many local Dee Jay’s, like Charlie Chase before he joined the ColdCrush.

For a few years he was part of the Herculords with DJ Kool Herc, High Power MC’s and DJ Whiz Kid. 

Sisco Kid would appear at every party in the Bronx. The T-Connection, Disco Fever, Stardust Ballroom and many more….

In 1984, he was featured in the movie “Beat Street” with DJ Wanda D as a solo MC rocking the microphone.

He also, worked along side of Harry Belafonte as a Musical Consultant on the film beat Street.

In 1985, he was a board artist for the motion picture “Krush Groove”, featuring Run DMC and Kurtis Blow.

During the 1990’s, Sisco Kid performed as a Jazz Saxaphonist. He began playing at local clubs throughout the city with some of his High School friends from Laguardia. He recorded “Surviving with the time” with long time friend Victor Valente. The recording was recognized as a Hip Hop Classic in 2007.

When it came to fashion, style, MCing, Flyers and graffiti….Sisco Kid was an early influence in the Hip Hop Culture. In 2010, Sisco Kid passed away and the Hip Hop Culture lost one of the Pioneers of Hip Hop.

Written by Tony Tee aka Tony Paris


RAKIM HASHEEM ALLEN aka PnB Rock was born and raised as a Muslim in Germantown/Philadelphia, pa., with four brothers and sisters.

His father was involved in street life and passed away at an early age from gun violence. His Mom moved to Northeast Philadelphia, after his

uncle also became a victim of gun violence. PnB grew up in a rough neighborhood, where he witnessed a lot of crime and illegal activity.  

At age 13, PnB was detained for fighting in school and stealing. During this time, he was a very popular student and was high academically favored.