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Tony Paris aka Tony Tee is a member of the Original Ultimate 3 MC's.

The group was established in 1978 in the East Bronx, New York area.

Members of the group are ( Saint Tee, Easy G & Tony Tee ).

The Ultimate 3 MC's and DJ Whiz Kid met while playing basketball on the courts

of the Parkside projects. They use to practice in DJ Whiz Kid's apartment

which was adjacent to the basketball courts. 

The group began performing at local house parties for friends & family.

The Ultimate 3 MC's was known for their rhyming and routine style.

When Saint Tee met Kool Herc through a family member, he ( Kool Herc )

began booking shows for the group at local clubs.


The group performed with DJ Whiz Kid, Legendary DJ Kool Herc

The Herculoids and other Hip Hop Pioneers. 

( Clark Kent, Bambaata, Soul Sonic Force, ColdCrush Brothers, 

  Jazzy Jay, Red Alert, Crash Crew, Cosmic Force MC's and many more )

Many of these Hip Hop Pioneers were early influences for the group.

The Ultimate 3 MC's performed at the T-Connection, Stardust ballroom,

Third Place and other local clubs in the Bronx. 

At this time, Hip Hop was strictly underground until artist began recording. 


During the growth of the Hip Hop Culture, The Ultimate 3 MC's disbanded in 1983.

The group never recorded any records, but Tony Tee became a solo artist.

He recorded 3 singles as a Solo Artist in the mid 1980's. 

His songs were heard on Red Alert and Chuck Chillout Radio Shows. 

Tony Tee also performed on the Def Jam 2 Tour in 1987 with Whodini,

Kool Moe Dee, Eric B & Rakim. 



Marcel Theo Hall aka Biz Markie aka Bizzy B Markie is a Rapper, MC, Comedian, Entertainer, Singer, Songwriter, DJ and a producer.

Biz was born in Harlem, New York but raised in Patchogue, Long Island. He attended Longwood, High school where he was a class clown.

His first introduction to Hip Hop was from a tape recording that featured “The L Brothers” Mean Gene, Grand Wizard Theodore, Kevin Kev, Master Rob and Busy Bee Starski. He initially called himself Bizzy B Markie, after hearing Busy B Starski rhyming, he wanted to be like him. Biz began frequently visiting nightclubs and started performing at Colleges and Universities along the East Coast. When Biz began his version of the Human Beat box, it was unique in sound and style compared to Doug E Fresh and Buffy from the Fat Boys. During this time, Bizzy B Markie Changed his name to Biz Markie and the legendary adventures began to grow.

Biz is one of the groundbreakers in the era of the Human Beat Box and helped to launch many other careers in the music industry.

He would frequently visit Fresh Gordon’s Studio in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn with Big Daddy Kane and they both worked on a few tracks with Fresh Gordon.


In 1988, he released his debut album “Goin off” with hit singles like “Make the Music with your mouth Biz”, “The Vapors”, “Nobody beats the Biz” and “Picking Boogers”.

His cousin and DJ was DJ Cool V and TJ Swan sung the vocals to a few of his singles. Biz Markie also joins a long list of MC’s/Rappers from the first generation who could Rap and Sing. Biz sung the hook to many of his singles like “Just a Friend”, “Spring Again” and “Let me turn you on” which was a tribute to DJ Hollywood. “Just Rhyming with Biz” was a single with Biz Markie and Big Daddy Kane. Biz kicked the first verse and Big Daddy Kane anchored the single.  This was the first time the music industry heard the Legendary Big Daddy Kane on vinyl. The single was produced by Marley Marl, Cool V and Biz Markie.

During this time, Biz Markie and Big Daddy Kane became members of the Juice Crew with Mr. Magic and DJ Marley Marl.



Biz Markie Lyrics:

“I’m the Rap promoter, I start to motor….Talk from New York to South Dakota”


Lisa Lee was born and raised in The Bronx, New York. 

She is an Artist, MC, Rapper, Writer, Dancer, Composer and a Female Hip Hop Legend. 

Her career in Hip Hop began when her father bought her two turntables, a mixer and a microphone.

Lisa and her brother would write rhymes and break dance in the house everyday, while listening to Hip Hop tapes. She began as the first female MC with Africa Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation, when she performed with The SoulSonic Force. She’s been an original Zulu Nation member since the early 1970’s….and adopted the term Zulu Queen.  In 1979, Lisa recorded her first single with The Cosmic Force MC’s, which is also the first recording for The Zulu Nation. Her first solo was recorded by B Fats at The RoofTop for RoofTop records in Harlem, New York. 

Lisa had her first film role in the Hip Hop film “WildStyle”. Her character rode in a Limo….ryhming with Chiefrocker Busy Bee. Her second movie role was in “Beat Street” with Us Girls. When she performed with Sha-Rock and Debbie Dee. Lisa Lee is a Queen of Hip Hop and a Legend in the Culture of Hip Hop. Before Queen Latifah, there was Queen Lisa. In fact, She laid the ground work for many female artist in Hip Hop and is recognized for building the blue print for females.  She performed at a number of clubs in New York and she can be found on flyers that relate to the history of Hip Hop. Lisa Lee is also a board member at Cornell University for the Hip Hop Collection.


Kurtis Blow

Kurtis Walker aka Kurtis Blow aka Kool DJ Kurt is a MC, DJ, Rapper, Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Actor and a Public Speaker.

He grew up in Harlem, New York while attending Music and Arts High School, before enrolling in CCNY and Nyack College. Kurtis was raised in the tough streets of Harlem, where occasionally he hung out on 125th street and Uptown Harlem. He began as a DJ throwing parties at local spots in New York City with some of Hip Hop Greatest Legends.

Kurtis frequently performed at The Fever, The Celebrity Club and the Famous Harlem World.

The Notorious B.I.G

Christopher Wallace aka Biggie aka Biggie Smalls aka Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie was a MC, rapper, songwriter, producer and a talented artist of Jamaican Decent. He began rhyming at a young age on the corners and streets of Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, New York. His battles with other local rappers were legendary, as he quickly became popular among his followers


The Original Bad Boys

The Original Bad Boys is a Hip Hop group from various parts of Brooklyn. They were comprised of MC’s, Artist, Producers, writers, a Human BeatBox and DJ MJ. The group was established in 1985, many years before P-Diddy’s version of the Bad Boys. Members of the group are T-Funk, Busy B, K-Love, MJ, Al B and Mr. Mack. Their first and hit single was Titled “Bad Boys” on StarLite records. 

The Mean Machine

The Mean Machine is a Hip Hop group of African American and Puerto Rican descent….born and raised in the Bronx, New York. 

The group consist of DJ Julio (Steven Santiago), Jimmy Mac (James McLean) RIP, Mr. Nice (Jose Semprit) and Mr Schick (Daniel Rivera). 

They are the first Latin hip hop group and the first bilingual rap group in Hip Hop History.


Tyrone Cox aka Tski Valley

Tyrone Cox aka Tski Valley - is a MC, DJ, Rhymer, Rapper, Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer and Keyboardist.

Gregory Jacobs aka Humpty Hump

Gregory Jacobs aka Shock G aka Humpty Hump was a musician, a rapper, songwriter, producer, actor and vocalist for the Hip Hop group Digital Underground.


BLACK ROB aka Robert Ross aka Bacardi ROB


Black Rob aka Robert Ross aka Bacardi Rob is a MC, rapper, Artist, Actor, Producer, songwriter. He was born in Yonkers, New York and raised in (Spanish Harlem) East Harlem, New York….around 118th street.

Growing up he was inspired by other Harlem artist like Doug E Fresh, Slick Rick, Grandmaster Caz and Spoonie Gee. At 22, he joined his first rap group “Schizophrenics” who did local parties in Harlem. At one time, he was considered the Ghetto Prince of Harlem. He often drove down 125th street to meet and greet with fans. Although streetwise and educated, he also earned an associates degree while being detained.

DMX aka Earl Simmons aka Dark Man X

DMX aka Earl Simmons aka Dark Man X is a MC, Rapper, Poet, Artist, Actor, Songwriter, Producer and Entrepreneur.

He was born and raised in Mount Vernon & Yonkers, New York.

His Father (Joe Barker) was an artist, who painted watercolor paintings that were sold at local fairs.

His Mother was a religious woman, who struggled at times raising 3 children. 

by Tony Tee aka Tony Paris



The Romantic tanta stic tire.jpeg

Fantastic  Five & Grandwizard Theodore

The (Romantic) Fantastic Five & GrandWizard Theodore is a Legendary hip hop group, that laid the foundation for the Hip Hop Culture.

The group was formed with real MC’s, producers, writers and vocalist. During this time MC’s were rhyming until they called it rapping.

Members were: Grand Wizard Theodore (Theodore Livingston) Prince Whipper Whip (James Whipper) Ruby Dee (Rubin Garcia) 

Dot-A-Rock (Darryl Mason) Waterbed Kev (Kevin Strong) and his brother Master Rob (Robin Strong).

The Fantastic Five were the only group with two members of Puerto Rican Descent. (Prince Whipper Whip and Ruby Dee)



Sha-Rock aka Sharon Green is the First Female MC/Rapper in Hip Hop History. She is a MC, songwriter, actor, dancer, producer, vocalist, artist and entertainer. She empowered women all around the world to become MC’s and Rappers. If not for Sha-Rock, there would be no Cardi B, Lil Kim, Nicky Minaj, Megan Stallion, Foxy Brown, Salt n Pepa, Shante, MC Lyte or Queen Latifah. All of these talented women are standing on the shoulders of Sha-Rock. 


BIG PUN aka Big Punisher, aka Christopher Lee Rios was a rapper, producer and songwriter.

He was also referred to as Big Moon Dawg before he was known as Big Punisher (Comic Book Character) and later BIG PUN.



The original members of the Harlem World Crew were Charlie Rock (Charles Leake), Son of Sam(Sam Blocker), DJ Randy (Randy Sanders), and DJ Kool D (Darryl Brown). The group was signed to the Tayster record label, which was operated and owned by it’s founder Jack Taylor. The Harlem World Crew was affectionately named after the club. Harlem World Cultural & Entertainment Complex hosted many great events with major recording groups, bands, Rappers and singers. The Club became the Mecca of Hip Hop and R&B for the entire nation, especially New York….everybody that was somebody attended Harlem World.




Tim Washington aka  King Tim III


Grand Master Melle Mel

Melle Mel1.jpg

Prince Markie Dee

If you look up the terminology for M.C.; simply put, it's Master of Ceremony. However, that doesn’t come close to what Hip Hop has done. It's the  Hip Hop artist that puts on a performance along side the hype-man that gets the crowd ready. Some of Hip Hops Greats, Love-bug Starski, Chief Rocker Busy Bee, DJ Hollywood and Kid Capri the list goes on. You can’t get a better description from Ice T. On June 8, 2012. Ice T explains "The difference between an M.C. and a Rapper" on the Sway In The Morningradio show. So please view the video and get clarity cause "There Ain't No Mistakes Allowed"

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