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Dj A.K.A. Tricky D.

Dj A.K.A. Tricky D. has been into music since the early age of 11 and always had the magic of making people laugh and smile when they are around him. One of the things he like most is watching other DJs perform and their interactions with their crowd. He believes that being a true DJ is and has always been a true art of majesty because as such you are in control of most action that is conducted in your presence not by physical force but only by the use of vibrations that you send to your listeners mind and soul. He says when you play and control the body movement of hundreds or even thousands all at one time that is is true majestic power that you have found within oneself and the task of how to control and utilize it is set for true DJs. That is why he is conducting one on one’s with some of the great and upcoming DJs of yesteryear and upcoming DJs. Check in from time to time and see who’s the next one to be stopped on the DJ’s corner with DJ. A.K.A. Tricky D. right here on Hip Hop Blvd!!!





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This week I’m talking about the God-Father of Hip Hop… The One and Only Dj Kool Herc.

Okay, I can’t speak of DJ’s in the Hip Hop genre without mentioning The God Father of Hip Hop himself “Kool Herc”. It’s like talking about …….. . Kool Herc has flashed the light of Hip Hop life for us to follow by creating the foundation to the gatherings to party. Known as the group to have the loudest system as Kool Herc and The Hercoloids. If you ever get a chance to listen to this Legend as a new man or woman into this craft I suggest you take that opportunity because Kool Herc always had a way of pulling cuts out of his crates that would keep you enjoying music no matter the culture. 

Kool Herc…. We thank you for what you’ve done for Hip Hop lovers and what you still do!!!



Peace and Blessings Hip Hop Blvd Family & Followers,

This week I'm mentioning the talents of another Hip Hop Pioneer… I’m talking about The Treacherous 3’s very own Dj Easy Lee. 

Dj Easy Lee was behind the set for his team in Harlemworld during that infamous battle between The Chief Rocker Busy Bee and Kool Moe Dee. We all know who took the trophy home


These brothers were the ones behind tracks such as Do You Wanna Rock, That’s The Joint and the classic of them all… “Rappin’ and Rockin’ The House…!!! The Funky 4+1 was the first rap group to play Primetime TV on Saturday Night Live back when Eddie Murphy was part of the cast and you saw that episode you would recall that Dj Breakout was the Dj during that performance. Salute to another duo of DJ’s that help create the genre.


This week I'm mentioning the talents of Dj Breakout and Dj Baron 

Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 8.54.31 AM.png




DJ’s of The Legendary Cold Crush 4 ( Brothers )

about Dj Charlie Chase and Toney Tone

I remember watching These guys in the T-Connection one time and it was great to watch them creating the loop for Grandmaster Caz, Easy A.D., Jerry Dee Lewis & Almighty Kay Gee to harmonize their rhyming skills ( what we called rappin’ back then ) over. Check out Fresh, Fly, Wild and Bold by the Cold Crush Brothers when you get a chance. The two appeared to have had great chemistry as a team because they were it for a very long time. You can catch these guys in the movie called Wild Style battling it out on the basketball Court against Grand Wizard Theodore & The Fantastic 5 MC’s.



Peace and Blessings Hip Hop Blvd Family & Followers,

This week we are recognizing the first female Dj of Hip Hop… DJ Wanda Dee of Harlem USA and the Boogie Down Bronx...!!!

Seeing Wanda and her microphone conductor MC Debbie Dee was always a pleasure to see rock house and I think the Hip Hop nation family really showed out when these two were on the flyers of many places like the T-Connection and Harlemworld. Wanda Dee was introduced to us through one of Hip Hops highest and very well respected icons who I will mention in an upcoming article ( but that's just to get you to come back... ). She was also in the movie “BeatStreet if you remember. Wanda moved on to other successful ventures and is still with us to this day. 

Dj Wanda D ( Once you're a Dj.. you'll always be a DJ! ) HipHopBlvd thanks you for your contribution to the Hip Hop Life!!!


Dj Disco King Mario

Disco King Mario was another Dj from the Bronx who show us the way of building a sound system to perform with out in the streets and parks of the Bronx, Ny. Coming from the streets when things were rather tough Mario came to surface just as some others did but with a style. He too was a Dj in the 70’s in the city like some others but took it to the streets with pizazz. I remember seeing the two Street Signal lights 🚦on top of his speakers one on the left with the other on the right and they were running too! I know many have plenty of stories of those who I will be acknowledging but remember... it’s all about were we came from and what we represent. Hip Hop Music

Peace until next time. 
Dj A.K.A. Tricky D.


 Pete Dj Jones

Peace and Blessings Hip Hop Blvd Family & Followers,
This month being the first of our journey to recognize Da DJ’s ( Disc Jockey’s ) we will start off with PETE “DJ” JONES... 

A true pioneer who founded our skill of the DJ from the beginning of our spin genre. Pete “DJ” Jones originally from North Carolina was an icon from the early 70’s putting together two turntables and a mixer together with some speakers along with an amp. Pete “DJ” Jones was known as one of the first DJ’s to keep a certain part ( breakbeat, break or get down portion ) of a record playing continuously by the use of the two turntables and mixer extending it so listeners can feel the groove even more electrifying than the record itself. We know called this “Cutting”. Even though his name wasn’t as known as some important names who later came on in the field Pete “DJ” was still known in the adult disco club scene in NYC to most if not all those who spun wax or vinyl in the 70’s era. Pete “DJ” Jones continued his passion for music until his passing in January 2014. 

Rest In Peace Pete "DJ" Jones...

Dj Jazzy Jay

JAZZY_JAY Hip Hop Blvd. History

The pioneering DJ and producer who aided in establishing Hip Hop as being more than a musical art form. He created a cultural Experience

He began spinning records in the parks of the Bronx and performed in clubs such as the Roxy and Negril.

Jazzy Jay played a vital role in what would become Def Jam Records. He was a co-founder of the label, and also created the label's first single: “It’s Yours” with T La Rock and “Def Jam" featuring Russell Simmons, "Brass Monkey" by the Beastie Boys and many more.

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DJ Tony Tone "Tone Crush"


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