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Dj A.K.A. Tricky D.

Dj A.K.A. Tricky D. has been into music since the early age of 11 and always had the magic of making people laugh and smile when they are around him. One of the things he like most is watching other DJs perform and their interactions with their crowd. He believes that being a true DJ is and has always been a true art of majesty because as such you are in control of most action that is conducted in your presence not by physical force but only by the use of vibrations that you send to your listeners mind and soul. He says when you play and control the body movement of hundreds or even thousands all at one time that is is true majestic power that you have found within oneself and the task of how to control and utilize it is set for true DJs. That is why he is conducting one on one’s with some of the great and upcoming DJs of yesteryear and upcoming DJs. Check in from time to time and see who’s the next one to be stopped on the DJ’s corner with DJ. A.K.A. Tricky D. right here on Hip Hop Blvd!!!


DJ Jazzy Jay

JAZZY_JAY Hip Hop Blvd. History

The pioneering DJ and producer who aided in establishing Hip Hop as being more than a musical art form. He created a cultural Experience

He began spinning records in the parks of the Bronx and performed in clubs such as the Roxy and Negril.

Jazzy Jay played a vital role in what would become Def Jam Records. He was a co-founder of the label, and also created the label's first single: “It’s Yours” with T La Rock and “Def Jam" featuring Russell Simmons, "Brass Monkey" by the Beastie Boys and many more.

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DJ Tony Tone "Tone Crush"


Hip Hop Blvd. History




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Al Pizarro - Ceo / Founder

Bronx New, York