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Hip Hop Blvd has the opportunity to showcase many artist throughout all our events. Here’s a list of artist that we know will be a great addition to your next event. These artist have perform for us and as we grow as a company. We make sure that our A&R division with our newly appointed director Eddie Rivera works with these artists. So they are prepared to perform on any stage with a selection of lyrics and music that will excite your audience. As alway Hip Hop Blvd “More Than a Street Name”


King Lyrical

A rising Puerto Rican-American artist from Brooklyn New York Singer rapper songwriter Hidden Julez started young as her passion for music was held back. Up until her adult years she was hiding her talent due to a lack of confidence with no help. Julez is very proud of her independent career as she says she invested so much money time and energy into it. She gain so much more control as she realized this is what she really wanted. Her name came from being hidden for so long but now her goal is for a Grammy! She was inspired by the deceased rapper Biggie Smalls, and that’s where she gained her lyricism from. Hidden Julez was always a quiet child at home and at school so her now being exposed to the music industry is a shock to who that knows her. Her social media growth resin, as she began doing showcases back to back. She won't stop or give up! She will keep making music so the world can see who she really is! Julez With Another One!


Hidden Julez



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