Ana "Rockafell"a Garcia

Ana "Rokafella" Garcia is a NYC native who has represented women in Hip-hop dance professionally over the past three decades. She co founded Full Circle Prod Inc- NYC's only non profit Break Dance Theater company with her husband veteran Bboy Kwikstep generating theater pieces, original poetry and local dance related events. She performs music based on her experiences growing up in Hip-hop's birthplace and has had her poetry published in a Bronx Poets anthology.  In addition to directing the documentary about Bgirls 

"All the Ladies Say", she is hired internationally to judge Break dance competitions based on her mastery of the classic Hip-hop dance style. She teaches unique workshops aimed at celebrating the roots and history as well as the technique of classic Hip hop dance styles.  Presently as an adjunct professor at The New School and a Hip hop dance instructor at Peridance Studios, she motivates aspiring dancers to understand their connection to community and to learn the business side of being an independent artist. In May of 2017 she launched Shiroka-- a T shirt fashion line with Shiro a Japanese Grafitti artist to showcase both of their designer skills in addition to Rokafella's unique earring designs. She has been featured in pivotal Rap music videos, tours, film and commercials as well as choreographed for diverse festivals/ concerts such as Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Momma's Hip-hop Kitchen and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Rokafella is a multi faceted dance based Hip-hop artist who references street and Afro Latino culture as her foundation.




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He was down with a crew called Magic Motion crew in 1980. It was founded by Magic Mike (RIP). Scooter from Webster Ave was one of the members he recalls were dancing with him at that time. The Electric Company was a prominent Boogie ccrew at that time that gave him motivation to get better.  A local jam that he attended was at 170th- 171 st and Walton Ave on Fridays and Saturdays. The atmosphere was tricky since there was a racial and gang divide in those days but his Boogie skills gave him access to neighborhoods that may have been out of limits for others. Magic was the actual teacher that helped Klown throw waves through his shoulders so he is proud to be part of his legacy

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