• Paul C. McKasty

    AKA: Paul C

    Sept 20, 1964 - July 17, 1989

    Producer & Engineer for Ultra-Magnetic MCs, Organized Konfuzion, Eric B & Rakim, Mikey D and many others

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Errol Edward Bedward

    AKA: Pumpkin

    Jan 21, 1961 - Aug 24, 1990

    He was a musician and band leader. He was a musician and band leader. Pumpkin's song King Of The Beat in 1983 was followed by Pumpkin And The Profile All-Stars. He also worked with The Furious 5, Funky 4, Treacherous 3 and other artists. 

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Darren Robinson

    AKA: Buffy
    June 10,1967 - Dec 10,1995

    Grew up in Brooklyn where he was known as the Human beat box,DJ Doctor Nice and other aliases. Buffy was a member of the Disco 3, who changed their name to The Fat Boys. He was featured in the movies Wild Style and The Disorderlies. Buffy was most known for being a pioneering beat box like Doug E Fresh.

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Charles Nelson

    AKA: Mercury 

    Dec 19, 1964 - March 9, 1995

    He was an original member of the Force MDs, who came from Staten Island. They were one of the first groups to sing and rhyme on their songs. Their top 10 hit Tender Love was featured in the movie Krush Groove. 

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • James Yancy

    AKA: J Dilla

    Feb 7, 1974 - Feb 10, 2006

    J Dilla is considered one of the greatest Hip

    Hop producers ever and he was from Detroit. He worked with an incredible range of artists, including Janet Jackson, Common, Busta Rhymes and Erykah Badu. Dilla was also one third of the group Slum Village. In a little over 10 years Dilla produced some incredible tracks including Running Away by The Pharcyde, The Light by Common, Stakes Is High by De La Soul and Find My Way by A Tribe Called Quest. 

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd