• Gabriel Marcano

    AKA: Buck 4

    Feb 23, 1964 - May 1991

    Rock Steady Crew Dancer in the hip hop movie "Beat Street"

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Don Campbell

    AKA: Don Cambelllock

    Jan 18, 1951 - March 3, 2020

    Invented "Locking", formed the dance crew "The Lockers", featured dancer on Soul Train 

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Sean Rucker

    AKA: Kippy Dee

    June 13, 1967 - May 26, 1990

    B-Boy/Pop Locker from the Rock Steady Crew who was featured in the movie "Style Wars"

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Fred Berry

    AKA: Rerun

    March 19, 1951 - Oct 21, 2003

    He was a member of the LA based dance troupe called The Lockers. Rerun danced on Soul Train with them in the mid 70s. From 1976 to 79 he appeared on the tv show What’s Happening and returned for year in 85 on the spin off Whats Happening Now. 

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Lorenzo Soto

    AKA: Kuriaki 

    Jan 31, 1965 - Dec 9, 1991

    He joined the Rock Steady Crew from the late 70s to the mid 80s. Kuriaki was a featured dancer in the movie Beat Street. 

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Stephen Nicholas

    AKA: Skeeter Rabbit 

    Sept 11, 1960 - May 12, 2006

    He was a street dancer from LA known for his specialty style of dance called popping and boogaloo. As a member of The Boogaloos Skeeter was featured in videos by Michael Jackson, Madonna, Usher, Chaka Khan and more. He also went on tour as a dancer for David Bowie.  

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Wayne Frost

    AKA: Frosty Freeze
    Dec 4, 1963 - April 3, 2008

    He was a member of the Rock Steady Crew, known for his comedic and acrobatic flair of dancing. Frosty appeared in the movies Wild Style, Flash Dance, Style Wars and The Freshest Kids. He also was on the cover of the Village Voice in 1981. Frosty also was featured in the Hip Hop videos Planet Rock and Buffalo Girls.

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Adolfo Quinones

    AKA: Shabba Doo

    May 11,1955 - Dec 30, 2020

    He was born in Chicago and moved to LA in the early 70s. Shabba Doo was one of the original Lockers and was one of the first Soul Train dancers. He was a professional dancer, choreographer and actor. Shabba Doo starred in the movies Breakin and Breakin 2. He worked with legendary singers Frank Sinatra, Madonna, Chaka Kahn, Lionel Richie and more. Shabba Doo is considered one of the greatest dancers in Hip Hop and was working on a documentary about dancing. 

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Matthew Caban

    AKA: Glide Master

    He was originally in the Floor Masters in the early 80s. In 82 graf legend/b boy Phase 2 renamed the group The New York City Breakers. Glide got his name from the incredible fist glides and was featured in the movies Wild Style and Style Wars as well as the tv show Graffiti Rock. He was also on the tv show Merv Griffin with the rest of the crew.

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd