• Jason William Mizell

    AKA: Jam Master Jay

    Jan 21, 1965 - Oct 30, 2002

    DJ of Iconic Hip Hop Group
    RUN DMC. In 1989 JMJ created Jam Master Jay Records. His label signed Onyx and 50 Cent. In 2002 Jay was deeply honored to create The Deejay Scratch Academy. He enlisted Grand Wizzard Theodore to teach students as well about deejaying. 

    Submitted by: DJ Switch

  • Scott M. Sterling

    AKA: Scott La Rock

    April 28, 1962 - Aug 27, 1987

    A social worker by day and deejay by night, Scott discovered that he and KRS One loved Hip Hop. They formed the group Boogie Down Productions. He and Ced Gee from the Ultra Magnetic MCs produced KRS' first album Criminal Minded. 

    Submitted by: Royal Mickens

  • Darryll Calloway

    AKA DJ Darryll C

    Feb 24,1964 - April 7,1999

    Darryll  C started deejaying for the Harlem based 5 man emcee group called The Crash Crew in the late 70s. Through Mike and Dave who signed them to their label, Daryll and the crew became well known in Harlem, especially Lincoln Projects. Their single High Powered Rap in 1980, was one of the first songs in Hip Hop. 

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Kevin Smith

    AKA: Lovebug Starski
    May 16,1960 - Feb 8, 2018

    One of Hip Hop's earliest pioneers, Lovebug Starski began deejaying in the early 70s. Along with DJ Hollywood & Grand Master Caz, Lovebug was one of the first to master both emceeing and deejaying parties at the same time. In 1978 Lovebug deejayed at the legendary Disco Fever. He had two hit records in the early 80s. Live At The Disco Fever & You Gotta Believe. He was featured on Kurtis Blow's Day Dreaming.

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Aaron O. Bryant

    AKA: DJ AJ Scratch

    Aug 1960 - Sept 9, 2015

    He was born in the Lower East Side and moved to the Bronx at a very young age. He worked with Grand Master Flash and deejayed for Busy Bee and Kurtis Blow. In 1984, Kurtis paid tribute to him with his 
    hit record AJ Scratch. 

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Lamar Calhoun

    AKA: DJ Crazy Toones

    Nov 18, 1971 - Jan 8, 2017

    He was born in Houston but moved to LA at a young age. Crazy Toones was a producer and deejay who originally started with the group WC and The Maad Circle. He left there and started deejaying for Ice Cube. Toones also worked with Kurupt, MC Ren and many others. 

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Robert Davis Junior

    AKA: DJ Screw 

    July 20, 1971- Nov 16, 2000

    He was a Hip Hop deejay from Houston. DJ Screw created the chopped and screwed deejay technique. He was an incredibly influential musical figure from Texas. 

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Mario Halsey

    AKA: Disco King Mario 

    July 1,1956 - Aug 1994
    He is considered one of the pillars of Hip Hop. Mario was known for his incredible sound system and the fantastic jams he threw. Mario is very important to the culture cause of his willingness to let deejays play on his turntables in the Bronxdale section of the Bronx. This included Afrika Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay, Grand Wizzard Theodore and several other pioneering deejays. By 1971 Mario was very well known in lots of areas of the Bronx for being able to book schools, parks and venues so people could enjoy Hip Hop and other types of music. Mario was protected at his events by the Black Spades, which he was also a member and his crew Chuck Chuck City. 

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Vinny Ray

    AKA: DJ Outlaw

    Sept 27, 1967 - Dec 7, 2015

    DJ Outlaw had deejaying "spinning" within his veins at a very early age.  He was a walking encyclopedia of music and this knowledge "mixed"  into his overall innateness for deejaying all genres.  In the 90s, he moved from his home in Brooklyn to Miami Beach where he was the resident DJ for the legendary Prince at his nightclub, Glam Slam.  In the early 2000s, he moved back to NYC with Krystal and then connected with DJ Tony Tone from the legendary Cold Crush Brothers.  DJ Outlaw continued to deejay at numerous nightclubs, lounges, parades, special events and Zulu Nation anniversaries and eventually was indoctrinated as a member of the Cold Crush Brothers and Zulu Nation.   DJ Outlaw kept the "needle to the record" and endlessly shared his music, knowledge and just being DJ Outlaw.

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd

  • Timothy Jones

    AKA: DJ Timbuck2

    Oct 22, 1981 - Dec 19, 2015

    As a teenager he gained lots of attention in Chicago. In 2004 Timbuck2 was the youngest on air personality hired at WGCI FM 107.5. He became internationally known touring with Kanye West as a member of the legendary crew The Heavy Hitters. He also worked with a lot of great emcees like Common and Lupe Fiasco. He even deejayed a couple times at Toca Tuesday.

    Submitted by: Jeffrey Boyd